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Get your Air Cargo Transported

our 35 years of experience have helped us to deliver high-quality air cargo services that are both cost-effective and efficient. Falcon 18 Imports is a leader in the air indian cargo sector, offering the fastest and most secure way to transport goods anywhere in the country. with our advanced tracking system, our clients can track their cargo’s progress throughout the entire process from storage to delivery, To meet the needs of our clients, we provide both ‘Same Day Delivery’ and ‘Next Flight Out’ options.

In terms of Domestic Air Cargo services in Pan India, we are considered one of the most reliable in the industry. Our entire service is organized and planned according to your specific budget. We have always relied on our strong and reliable logistics department for flexibility and reliability. This, in turn, enables us to shape and improve our services in a timely manner.


  • Sea shipping a car from Dubai to India (sea port in India) $150/-

    This charges is sea port to port for 20 feet container. (Ocean Freight)

  • Custom clearing charges at Dubai AED800/-

    Dubai Origin Charges - Port Charges, Custom Clearance Charges & Local TPT Charges

  • Indian Sea Port Charges ₹35000/-

    Terminal handling charges plus shipping line charges

  • Car Custom clearance at any Indian sea port ₹24000/-

    CFS (Ground Rent) plus local transportation at actual.

Rates fluctuate daily, so that may change during bookings. For exact rate please call us at
+91-9311595648 or email

Domestic air cargo key features

1. Delivering your valuable cargo to any location in the country within the committed  timeframe with the fastest and safest method

2. An extensive network that covers all areas of the country and offers multi-modal connectivity

3. An extensive network that covers all areas of the country and offers multi-modal connectivity

4. Maintaining relationships with different airline operators to ensure timely delivery


For more details, call us at +91-9311595648 or email

NRI Services

Vehicle Transfer Of Residence (TR) For NRI.

When shifting permanently to India, foreign nationals and non-resident Indians can import one car. Vehicles can be new or used, cars or two-wheelers. Following are the requirements that must be met to import a car/bike under the “transfer of residence”:

1. Before the transfer, the foreign national/ NRI should not have spent at least two years in India.

2. After the transfer, the person should plan to reside in India for at least one year.

3. The person should not have gone through the “transfer of residence” process for at least three years before the current transfer process.

4. Only one member of the family can carry out this process. They need to fill out the Transfer of Residence Form for this purpose.

5. The car/bike should be imported within six months of transferring base to India.

6. Moreover, The sale of an imported vehicle by NRI is prohibited for at least two years after the transfer. Thus, the person should wait two years to sell the vehicle.

7. No restriction of being new or used when the vehicle’s engine capacity is between 75cc and 500cc.

8. If the car’s engine capacity being imported is more than 1,600 cc, then it should be registered for at least one year before the import.

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How to Import new Vehicles to India

Importing a vehicle must have been manufactured or assembled overseas, and it should be right-handed if you are importing a car. For imported cars, they can enter legally through one of three naval docks, Mumbai, Kolkata, or Chennai, as long as the vehicle has not been rented, used, or leased previously. You should ensure that the speedometer on your car or bike displays kilometers per hour. Your vehicle’s headlights should be positioned to illuminate the left-hand side of the road properly.

Car for NRI

Rules to Follow when Importing used Vehicles to India

  • Before importing a used vehicle, make sure the manufacturing date is not older than three years.
  • When importing a car, it should be a right-hand drive. You must never have rented, leased, or sold it to anyone else. Position your vehicle’s headlights to illuminate the road’s left side. Kolkata, Chennai, and Mumbai are the three naval docks where used vehicles can enter India legally. To drive a used vehicle on Indian roads, you will need a roadworthy certificate valid for at least five years, stating that the vehicle is roadworthy. It would be best to display the statistics in kilometers per hour on your vehicle’s speedometer. If you have any questions, please call +91-9311595648 or email