WCA world member

What Is WCAworld member?

The World Cargo Alliance has over 10,686 WCAworld member offices in 193 countries. WCAworld is the world’s largest and most powerful network of independent freight forwarders. The combined logistics might of the WCAworld membership exceeds that of even the world’s largest multinational freight forwarders.

A Few Benefits of WCA world Member

  • Partners all around the world.
  • Financial Protection program. 
  • Annual Conference.
  • Accreditation. 
  • All World Shipping’s US FMC and China MoC-approved Bill of Lading.
  • News broadcasts.


Partners All Around the World

WCA First is a truly global network, offering to its members top-quality partners in over-plus countries in a non-exclusive network. Therefore, being a member of WCA Falcon has advantages over any other freight forwarder. Our WCA membership helps us to connect to every corner of the world even if it is at a remote location. Thus, we are able to ship any sort of goods from anywhere in the world to everywhere in the world. Moreover, our membership helps us to make partners all around the world. Therefore, it is one of the advantages which helps us to provide excellent services to our clients.

Financial Protection Program

Under the Gold Medallion financial protection program, WCA World offers a security structure for each of its members. Through a security structure, all members have financial security and can work together without fear. Hence, it makes a WCA member most trustworthy. As a WCA member, Falcon has won the trust and confidence of many clients, agents, and organizations. We adhere to all the rules and regulations of WCA and make our client’s cargo safer than any other freight forwarding company.

Annual Conference

The WCA First Annual Conference is a members-only networking event where freight forwarders from around the world find new partners, cement relationships, and exchange ideas. Therefore, every member of WCA is able to provide safe and swift shipping services to their clients.

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WCA First carefully examines each application for membership, usually with a visit from team leaders, for financial strength and experience. Every member must sign and adhere to a simple but strictly enforced Code of Ethics, which forbids members from backselling or seeking competitive bids from other members in the same market. Being a member of WCA shows the strength of Falcon, as well as, gives us advantages to provide smooth service to our clients.

All World Shipping's US FMC and China MOC approved the Bill of Lading

As a member of WCA First, Falcon is entitled to be an authorized agent of the All World Shipping NVOCC and have access to an FMC-licensed Ocean Bill of Lading and use of the Automated Manifest System (AMS) for exports to the US.

News Broadcasts

We get regular news broadcasts and updated rosters of new events or regulations and have the most up-to-date contact information about other WCAworld members, which helps us to enhance our services for our clients.

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