Air Freight Rates for Export in India

As our company has long-term relations and collaboration with a worldwide network of airlines. Therefore, Falcon offers the best air freight rates for export in India. As a result, to our clients in India and around the world, our competitive air freight rates are very reasonable. So,  providing efficient air freight solutions is what we specialize in. Consequently, with the sole motive of carrying out smooth logistics supply for the clients. In addition, we as a leading provider of export international air freight. Most importantly, our international shipping freight team has a comprehensive understanding of a wide range of solutions.

Therefore, Falcon provides market-competitive freight rates to our clients. On the other hand, you can get the air freight rates for Export In India online. Of course, we are a leading International Logistics Company operating in Delhi and Pan India. 

Air import export logistics solutions

Firstly, this enables us to provide hassle-free and time-bound Air import and export logistics solutions. Secondly, that makes clients happy according to their needs. Further, known for reliable air freight services with complete transparency. However, throughout the entire process, we ensure maximum efficiency in international air freight delivery. Of course, we are one of the top international logistics companies in India.

Above all, you can contacts us for air export international freight rates in India. Please feel free to contact me. +91-9311595648 or

Cost-Effective Air Export Rates in India

Specifically, around the world, the company has developed long-term relationships with a wide variety of airlines. However, you can get effective air export rates in India. Therefore offers international air freight services to clients in India and around the world at competitive air freight rates. Equally important, we specialize in providing air freight solutions so as to provide smooth logistics supply to our clients

A leading international shipping company

For instance, taking advantage of our position as a leading international shipping company for exports. Above all, our international shipping team has a comprehensive understanding of a wide range of logistics services. Certainly, we are able to deliver hassle-free and time-bound logistical solutions to our clients. Further, with complete transparency throughout the entire air freight process, Falcon delivers air freight as efficiently as possible.

Trouble-Free Air Export Consolidation

Moreover, we provide safe and trouble-free movement of air consolidation export shipments around the world. In addition, transportation via air across major ports and international markets is one of the prominent service providers. Meanwhile, it is a cost-effective freight forwarding solution. Of course, whether it involves assistance during cargo inspection and examination or during customs clearance. Subsequently, our skilled professionals work in complete coordination with clients to render beneficial and economical air freight forwarding services.

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Find Export Customs Brokerage/ Clearance Services

And, Falcon has both the experience and expertise in handling logistic requirements. Our specific customer’s demands via different modes of connectivity whether air, sea, rail, or road. After that, along with the provision of creating the shipping documents online. Likewise, we have excelled in different aspects of the air export trade. Additionally, the company offers customized services such as export customs brokerage.

Competitive Air Freight Rates For Export

Also, freight insurance, consolidations, packing, and warehousing at very competitive air freight rates for export in India. Similarly, customization and efficient consolidation of merchandise is our specialty. In conclusion, handling air cargo or consignments according to the changing logistics requirements. Thus, You can find the best international air freight cost calculator in the online index.

 So, that is all about our export air freight services in India. Contact us for air export freight rates in India. Please feel free to contact me on call at +91 9311595648 or email me at

International Air Custom Clearance

Besides, are you also looking for the best/ expert international air customs clearance agents in New Delhi, India? who can handle air imports and exports? Of course, we have experience in overseas logistics and customs clearance/ clearing in Delhi, India. And, having over 25 years of experience. Moreover, we offer a full range of services. Indeed, the international cargo is generally calculated using the proper volumetric weight for the destination. Also, we verify the documents to expedite the customs clearance process. 

Finally, there is no problem dealing with small or large loads since our staff can handle them both. Furthermore, we ensure your import-export air cargo shipment is delivered safely to its destination. On the other hand, we have transportation to deliver your air import or export cargo on time.  Even, you can get all international logistics services under one roof, such as air & sea freight, customs clearing, and consolidation.

Thus, all things considered, we are willing to assist you with the best air import-export customs clearance provider in and around Delhi and PAN India If you would like to contact us, we are available at +91-9311595648 or email us: at

Customs Clearance Services Our Strengths

  • Firstly, Import custom clearance services are committed to delivering customer satisfaction.
  • Second, the cargo is handled in a very efficient manner.
  • Thirdly, familiarity with handling several commodities related to imports and exports.
  • Moreover, Strong customer service skills
  • Most importantly, working with comprehensive documentation.
  • Specifically, we are operating the latest IT-enabled systems.
  • To clarify, we are having in-house solution of CRM and Desk software to provide better customer service. 

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