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When searching for reliable AD code registration services for exports, then you can find high-level export expertise here. Therefore, Falcon has hired a high-level professional skilled team member who can guide you about the proper documentation. As a result, we have become one of the most reliable AD code registration service providers. Similarly, our company is dedicated to providing you with the best export custom clearance services all over India. Moreover, the company maintains long-term relationships with our precious customers. Consequently, they offer various services, including ad code registration, DDU, DDP, and DAP shipments. However, we are an Indian-based company and provide better services at any port in India. At the same time, Falcon has been providing these services for the past ten years.
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Procedure to Apply for AD Code

In other words, you can find the procedure for applying for an AD code. To clarify, a 14-digit code(AD Code) is provided by a bank with which your business has a current account. On the other hand, once the bank issues you an AD code, you must register it with customs. For instance, the requirement of AD code is at each port where customs clears the goods. Above all, the custom-house agent (CHA) may well ask you for registration at the time of customs clearance. Most importantly, you will receive government benefits directly into your account if you qualify for them through an AD Code. Therefore, after obtaining your IEC, you should apply for your AD code with us at your local ports.

To conclude, to know more about the procedure for applying for an AD code. So, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at +91-9311595648 or email at

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‍Why Does an Exporter Require an AD Code?

In this paragraph, please find an answer, to why an exporter requires an AD Code. An AD Code is vital to the export procedure for the reasons listed below:

  • Firstly, export customs clearance requires three mandatory documents, among which a Shipping Bill is one. Furthermore, you cannot generate a Shipping Bill on Icegate, Indian Customs’ electronic data interchange platform, without a registered AD Code.
  • Secondly, an AD Code registration with customs ensures that any government benefits your avail of – duty rebates and exemptions, GST (Goods and Services Tax) rebates, etc. – are credited straight to your bank account.    
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Which Documents are Required for Registration of AD Code for Exports?

Equally important, which documents required for the registration of Ad code for exports are as follows:

So, you should enroll in the AD Code with Customs once your bank issues it. As a first step, you should move on to the CHA and outfit the accompanying archives as follows:

  • Firstly, the AD Code registration authority letter is given by your investor.
  • Secondly, self-attested copies of GST registration.
  • Thirdly, self-certified copies of the organization’s three years’ most recent IT returns as well as that of its partners.
  • Fourthly, self-attested copies of the Bank Proclamation, by and large throughout the previous year.
  • Further, self-attested copies of the Company’s Importer Exporter Code Number.
  • Moreover, self-attested copies of the company’s permanent account number (PAN Card).
  • In addition, documents of the objectives of the Board of Directors (In case of Pvt or Ltd company).
  • Meanwhile, photocopies of Partner PAN, Aadhaar card, and voter ID/visa are required.
  • Export House Certificate (if any, copy).
  • Manufacturing License (if any, copy).

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Government Liaison Company In India Related to Import Export

In addition, we are an established government liaison company in India related to import-export. Consequently, we specialize in delivering IEC codes, EPCG Licenses, Advance Licenses, and DEPB Licenses. After that, get registration with various export promotion councils and policy clarification from DGFT. Indeed, our professionals who provide these services hold extensive experience and knowledge of foreign trade benefits. That is to say, we can provide services to our clients according to their requirements.

what is the process to get the ad code registration

Is it Possible to Update the Current AD Code?

Indeed, if you have a question in your mind: Is it possible to update the current AD code? Yes, you can. Of course, the Icegate facility also allows you to update an existing AD Code and add new ones. (For instance, changing your bank account may require you to alter your AD Code). A modification request must be accompanied by:

  • Further, the exporter’s letter explains why you need to change your AD Code or cancel the one you have already registered.
  • And, Along with the relevant bank branch’s email address.
  • As well as, any other documents that may be required to write an AD code.

Request a Letter to the Bank to Apply for an AD Code Registration.

In this paragraph, you have to submit a request letter to the bank to apply for an AD Code registration. Afterward, contact your bank to get an AD Code if you have a current account. Your application should be in the below-mentioned application:

Template for Letter


The Manager,

(Bank name),

(Branch name),

(Address and contact number)

Subject: Request for AD Code allotment

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, a current account holder at (branch name) of (bank name), wish to apply for an Authorised Dealer (AD) Code since I am in the process of exporting a consignment abroad (mentioned time frame). I need to register the AD Code with customs at (port name) to ship the goods.

Please send a letter requesting the AD Code to the commissioner of customs at (the port name). I would also ask you to issue the letter in the format prescribed by businesses, which I am enclosing here (including the design below).

My Import Export Code is (mention IEC number).

If you could handle this request urgently, I would appreciate it.

Thank You,

Yours sincerely,

(Your name/signatory)

Once the bank has processed your request, an AD Code will be issued. Annexure-A must contain the bank’s authorization letter bearing the AD Code:

Procedure to Apply for AD Code for Export
AD code registration services for exports

In Starting, go To A Bank Which Deals In Foreign Currency Or Is An Authorized Dealer For Forex.

AD code registration services for exports

Further, the bank Will Further Process The Application An Issue The AD Code.

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Afterward, the Exporter Then Needs To Register The AD Code With The CHA.

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Finally, once The Registration Is Processed - All The Basic Information Of The Exporter And His Shipping Consignments Will Appear On The ICEGATE Website.

Register AD Code with Customs

Then, you will need to register your AD Code with customs after the bank issues it to you. In addition, you will have to approach the CHA (Custom House Agent), likewise, furnish the following documents:


AD Code Registration Authority Letter Issued By Your Banker.

AD code registration services for exports

Self-Attested Copies Of GST Registration.

AD code registration services for exports

Last Three Years IT Returns Of The Company, Has To Be Self-Attest.

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Bank Statement (Self Attested), Generally For The Last 12 Months.

AD code registration services for exports

Copies Of Company IEC Code.

AD code registration services for exports

Copies Of Company PAN.

AD code registration services for exports

Board Resolution Copy Is Required, Which Should Be Self-Attest.

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Partner PAN Copy, Aadhaar Card, and Voter ID/Passport, Has To Be Self-Attest.

AD code registration services for exports

Signatory PAN, Aadhaar Card, Voter ID/Passport, Along With Originals.

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