Air Export Customs Clearing Agents in India

Aiming to be a worldwide business leader among, all Falcon gives the best air export customs clearing agents in India. Because of, our dedicated and hardworking team of cargo agents. In addition to this, we specialize in consolidation services as well. Straightaway, delivery of the goods at the client’s doorstep is our goal. As well, Falcon has expertise in preparing documents such as shipping bills, receipts, packing lists, etc. After that, we help clients with customs clearance and documentation at ports of loading or unloading. 

Aside from loading items for export, the exporter also has to work with the carrier. We offer storage and warehousing services as well as air export. Once this has been completed, goods are sent to airlines for compression and transportation.

Export Customs Agents in India

In an effort to be a leader in the logistics field. In short, Falcon offers services for the best export customs agents in India. To sum up, thanks to the dedication and hard work of our cargo agents. We also specialize in consolidation services. For instance, our skilled export customs agents in India provide guidance. Whenever, possible to customers about document preparation, consolidation, and cargo forwarding across Indian ports. 

Meanwhile, Falcon is one of the top freight forwarders and export customs brokers in the country. Moreover, to handle air cargo, we have highly professional and experienced staff in our company. Similarly, the process becomes easier. Although, it can still be tedious. Together with, the process our professionals for air export customs clearing agents in India. Subsequently, we provide complete support to our clients at each and every step. 

For Indian, Jebel Ali, Dubai goods Custom Clearance.

Air Export Custom Clearance Agents in India

Our experts can also arrange documents, such as shipping bills, receipts, packing lists, etc. We also assist clients during customs clearance and documentation at the ports of loading and unloading. Due to our hardworking and dedicated team of cargo agents. In conclusion, our team strives to be the best air export custom clearance agent in India. In addition, our specialization in consolidation services as well. During this, we offering to the warehouse as well as. The storage for goods, Falcon arranges for their transportation to the airlines following consolidation. Furthermore, our skilled air export custom clearance agents provide guidance to customers. Also, all about document preparation, consolidation, and cargo forwarding across Indian ports.


Air Import Custom Clearing

When, receiving an order for exporting goods. Straightaway, client is first enquired about the following.Specifically, availability of IEC code. Then, an authorized dealer code. Mainly, certified to importers/exporters without which an import/export business cannot be started in India.

Air Import Custom Clearing

Coupled with, Assisting clients in preparing relevant documents like, invoice, packing list, SDF declaration, based on purchased letter of credit


Later, obtaining shipment date for further operations.

Air Import Custom Clearing

Moreover, preparation of shipping bills on the basis of a letter of instruction from the shipping line. Presently, That is a mandatory legal document for exporting goods in India.

Air Import Custom Clearing

Also, Collecting receipt of the goods

Air Import Custom Clearing

Eventually, Measurement / weighing the goods and ensuring its dimensions as per details packing list.


Along side, Ensuring safe 'Out of Charge' after proper verification and approval of goods by customs at the ports as per SDF declaration.


Then, handing over the goods to airlines for appropriate packaging and consolidation services.



First, Agriculture Products, Used Clothing: Fumigation Certificate

Air Export Custom Clearing

Second, Apparel/ Fabric/ Textile: Inspection Certificate

Air Import Custom Clearing

Third, Arts & Crafts: Registration With Export Promotion Council For Handicrafts.

air export

Then, ARE-1, AR4 (Both Original And Duplicate) And Invoice.

Air Export Custom Clearing

Contract- L/C, Purchase Order Of The Overseas Buyer

Air Export Custom Clearing

Certificate Of Origin GSP Form A/Chambers Of Commerce Certificate Of Origin.

Air Import Custom Clearing

Export Promotion Councils: Registration/ Certificate With Export Promotion Councils Related To Commodity.


Such as, Benefits And Incentives Schemes of Export: Drawback, DEPB, Advance License/Duty Exemption Entitlement Scheme (DEEC), Export Promotion Capital Goods Scheme (EPCG).

Air Export Custom Clearing

Equally Important, Invoice, Packing List, IEC, A.D. SDF/GR Forms.

Air Export Custom Clearing

Metallic Ores, Pigments: Certificate Of Chemical Analysis.

Air Export Custom Clearing

HEALTH /Veterinary/ Phytosanitary Certification.

Air Export Custom Clearing

Insurance Service: All Risk Covered.



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