Product Sourcing Agent From China To India

Falcon has been a reliable import agent from China to India for many years. Also, we have long-term relationships with clients and a broad network of logistics agents. Moreover, it is very important for Falcon to facilitate the best product sourcing sales worldwide. Furthermore, any Indian firm or trader seeking information and goods from global markets can use our services for travel, accommodation, and sourcing needs. Further, our links in China make Falcon India a good partner for goods sourcing services. Similarly, one of our USPs is our ability to quickly source import goods and clear them with customs.
Overall, we are happy to help you with your product sourcing agent from China to India. You can reach us at: +91-9717360020 or email us at:

Chinese Goods Sourcing Agents

In brief, our company has roots in China to source your imported items for the Indian market if you want to source products. Also, local Indian importers cannot easily access foreign trends. As a sourcing company, Falcon plays an important role in guiding customers. Additionally, we work closely with our Chinese goods sourcing agents to take advantage of overseas markets for our customers. Moreover, to get the best deals and quality stock, they must deal only with reputed suppliers of the desired markets. In addition, Falcon also provides goods sourcing services to ensure that the offered products are of high quality and cheap prices.
In short, please let us know if you need a China import agent India, then contact us. Our contact information is as follows: +91-9717360020 or email us:

Chinese Product Procurement Company

Also, we specialize in Chinese product procurement for Indian importer companies through our company. Furthermore, the company has counterparts in:

  1. Hong Kong
  2. Ningbo
  3. Shanghai
  4. Yiwu
  5. Qingdao

As well as many other cities throughout China. Further, our clients can avail of a full range of goods acquisition services, including cheap, realistic purchasing and sourcing services. More importantly, Falcon provides its customers with free-of-charge support services. We also provide complete consultancy regarding product sourcing agents from China to India. So that they can succeed in their business. Moreover, we have been serving Indian buyers with our Chinese product procurement services for more than six years.
In addition, our company offers the best China import agent India. Suppose you want to know about product sourcing agents from China to India services. So, please contact us. We can be reached at +91-9717360020 or by email at


Complete Professional Assistance

Complete professional assistance in understanding your business needs

Detailed And Reliable Source

Detailed and reliable source of supplier database

Buyer-Seller Collaboration

Market friendly buyer-seller collaboration

Comparative Advantage

Comparative advantage in Product sourcing from international markets

Focus On Both Work In-Progress And Final Product Inspection

Best quality assurance with focus on both work in-progress and final product inspection

Industry's Best Rate Analysis

Complete transparency on rates and logistics for products of any size or volume

Reduction Of Workload

Reduction of workload of buyers/ clients


Sourcing From China

Chinese/ English/ Hindi interpreters by us

Product Sourcing

Product Sourcing everywhere in China

Random Inspection At Site

Random Inspection at site in China

Container Stuffing Before Us In China

Container Stuffing before us in China

From Airport Pick-Up Facilities In China

From Airport Pick-up Facilities in China

Safe Loading And Consolidation Of Goods

Pick & delivery from China to India of LCL cargo


About The Custom Duties Of India

Updating about the custom duties of India

ICL Import Freight service

Door to Door services

Air & Sea Freight Booking

Air & Sea Freight booking

Ticketing And Tour Adviser

Ticketing and tour adviser

Warehousing In China And India

Warehousing in China and India

For Visa Documents Assistant

For Visa documents assistant

Product Branding In India

Product branding in India



Year of Establishment : 1996
Business Type: Import-Export Trade Consultant
Estimated Yr Sales (USD): 2 – 5 M
Number of Employees : 80-100

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