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All industries are connected by Falcon’s domestic transportation network. Falcon continues to expand as it maps, domestic roads with its partners. We provide full coverage. We consider both people and cargo movements mutually, in order to carry the goods in a profitable manner. We transport goods in trucks and containers. We can transport from kilograms to tons. Transport rates change on the basis of cargo weight and volume. At Falcon, we manage cargo movements on a door delivery basis using modern solutions. Again cargo moves from industrial hubs to nationwide regardless of the size of the cargo. In every movement, Falcon will have a solution for you.

20 Feet 40 Feet Container Transport

Moving goods from one buyer to another is a vital step in starting a business’ presence on the market. Hence most imports and exports involve picking and dropping off cargo in a 20 feet or 40 feet container. Small cargo also travels from the factory to the ports. The common locations are Delhi, Mumbai, and Mundra. In addition, we ensure door delivery in India. The cargo transportation services that we offer here in Delhi can be deemed brilliant and profitable. The transport services we provide in India are all backed by our great network. Containers generally arrive at named ports from factories, and in the same way, import containers are transported from ports to factories. We are good at transport and movement because of our team of experts.

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Container Transportation In India

Truly, Falcon’s Indian Road service has a wide coverage that can serve all the customers in our country. Further, we have covered most of the major locations in India with full and half loads. Besides, we have specialized in all kinds of transport for a pan India delivery of goods. In addition to being a transporter, we are known for our care for detail. Join us for our very useful and efficient Container transport services in India. We offer flexible, profitable, and reliable logistics to our customers at Falcon India. Customer satisfaction is the company’s top priority. Providing value for money is at the core of our mission.

In short, please let us know if you need a container trailers transportation service in India contact us. Our contact information is as follows: +91-9717360020 or email us:


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Year of Establishment : 1996
Business Type: Import-Export Trade Consultant
Estimated Yr Sales (USD): 2 – 5 M
Number of Employees : 80-100

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Call us at : +91-9717360020


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