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If you are looking for the top customs house agents list in the world, then Falcon is your solution. Therefore, this agency offers one of the best CHAs for customs clearance in the world. As a result, there are a number of processes that we keep in mind. So, we provide services that suit the customer’s needs. Firstly, we take it to provide you with the option of choosing the option that suits your requirements. Secondly, is to arrange for all the necessary customs clearance documents. Thirdly, is to provide you with the 24×7 support of our elite import-export CHA clearing agent. Additionally, our agents’ work processes are so meticulous that there is no chance of error in customs clearance. We also build long-lasting relationships through these steps.

Handling Import Export CHA Services

We have the best customs house agents list at all major ports in the international as well as domestic ports. Also, Falcon has a team of technical professionals skilled at handling import-export CHA services. To clarify, we offer notifications and exemptions from customs clearance. In fact, Falcon has immense years of experience in providing top-notch import export custom house agents who are all government-approved. Furthermore, we perform constant evaluations and track every import and export transaction. Moreover, we ensure a secure and safe system by providing you with insurance for your goods and services. Not only that, but we also ensure a consolidated custom-bonded warehousing and distribution process.

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CHA Customs House Agents Services

It is because of our belief in providing CHA customs house agents services beyond our customers’ expectations. Consequently, our agents have years of experience and knowledge in customs clearance. In other words, we arrange all the documents needed for customs clearance. On the other hand, we ensure customer convenience by providing door-to-door services. Falcon offers multi-modal transportation possibilities for its clients, thus saving a lot of time and fines during freight forwarding.

However, our import-export CHA customs house agents services follow up regularly with government entities for a smooth logistics movement. Regardless of the transportation option that fits the budget. Moreover, we do regular follow-ups with multiple government organizations for a smooth logistics movement.

CHA for Customs Clearance

 We work as CHA for customs clearance. Falcon provides a wide range of services, such as CHA services, freight forwarding, etc. Additionally, we know the import-export customs clearance procedures by sea and air. Furthermore, we assist our clients in preparing documents for customs clearance.

If you are interested in knowing the top customs house agents list, reach out to us. Our contact information is as follows: +91-9311595648 or email us:

Best International Custom Clearance Agent

Besides, are you also looking for expert international customs clearance agents who can handle air and sea imports and exports? Of course, we have experience in overseas logistics and customs clearance/ clearing. And, having over 25 years of experience. Moreover, we offer a full range of services. Indeed, the international cargo is generally calculated using the proper volumetric weight for the destination. Also, we verify the documents to expedite the customs clearance process. 

Finally, there is no problem dealing with small or large loads since our staff can handle them both. Furthermore, we ensure your import-export air cargo shipment is delivered safely to its destination. On the other hand, we have transportation to deliver your air import or export cargo on time.  Even, You can even get all international logistics services under one roof, such as air & sea freight, customs clearing, and consolidation.

Our Strengths

  • Firstly, Import custom clearance services are committed to delivering customer satisfaction.
  • Second, the cargo is handled in a very efficient manner.
  • Thirdly, familiar with handling several commodities related to imports and exports.
  • Moreover, Strong customer service skills
  • Most importantly, working with comprehensive documentation.
  • Specifically, we are operating the latest IT-enabled systems.
  • To clarify, we have having in-house solution of CRM and Desk software to provide better customer service. 



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