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Therefore, since the time of establishment in 2004,  throughout, the years the company has forged partnerships with trusted overseas agents with their amazing services of air & sea import cargo consolidation. As a result, our goal is to offer the best logistics services at competitive rates for LCL  and air imports in India. So, rates vary depending on the type of cargo and  method of transport, such as truck, ship, and aircraft. That is to say, depending on the discharge point and the final destination, it also differs. In other words, the transportation of small cargo relating to sea LCL and air imports has been a problem for a number of clients.

Sea and Air Import Consolidation​

To clarify, as a part of our company’s shipments and import-related cargo handling, we apply a special handling method. However, a well-known air and sea freight consolidator, the company (Falcon) provides both goods and services for many of our clients. On the other hand, offering logical freight solutions for various cargoes is one of our specialties. On the other hand, consolidating LCLs and air shipments is something we have been doing efficiently.

International Consolidation Services

In addition, a full range of freight forwarding and consolidation services to Indian importers by sea/air LCL. Above all, business expansion is a Falcon service that provides global exposure for clients. Most importantly, it is also possible to get a low-cost per CBM service, as well as freight online. Similarly, you can find facilities provided by suppliers to check Ex-Work charges. Further, of their size, the goods will be transported. 

LCL and Air Cargo at Cost-Saving Rates

Moreover, as well as shipping, port, and consular fees, special documentation costs, and insurance quotes, we provide additional information. Meanwhile, we ensure seamless delivery and handling of LCL and air cargo at cost-saving rates.

During this, it is important to understand everything ahead of time in order to prevent last-minute issues. Subsequently, through its worldwide network of agents, Falcon provides cost-effective LCL and air freight consolidation services. After that, with our expertise and cost-effective freight rates, we provide professional assistance and expertise. Likewise, here you can find the LCL (per CBM) and air freight charges.

In a word, our team is happy to help you with air & sea import cargo consolidation. Call us at +91-9311595648 or email us at

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