Best Mundra Custom Agents

best mundra custom agents

Falcon is one of the best Mundra custom agents. We also understand that all import and export activities require a wide range of services to be performed with maximum efficiency. Therefore, custom clearing can easily be one of the most critical and painful processes. But, we ensure that for all your export and import activities, we make clearing much simpler and faster. However, every commodity is different – so are the customs clearance process and its needs. Trust us with all your requirements in the customs clearing we fulfill.

Quick and Reliable Clearance Services

Our expert team of best Mundra custom agents takes care of all your requirements to ensure fast and reliable customs clearance services. Thus, giving you more time to think about your business and leaving this choice to us. Falcon is also one of the oldest customs clearance services providers, operating in all ports of the state. So, our experienced team in freight forwarding and customs clearance. With the experience of over 35 years in this field, hence we work with 1000+ clients. After that, we ensure our customers are relaxed and confident in the safe clearing of their products on time.

Advantages of Changing Custom Rules

We also ensure that our customers are always informed and enjoy the maximum benefit from the changing custom rules, tariffs, exchange rates, etc., by communicating timely information about them. With modern infrastructure at our disposal, additionally, we provide a range of services such as document management, freight forwarding, customs clearance, warehousing, sorting, repackaging, internal transport, and distribution.

Key Highlights of Mundra Custom Brokers

  1. Firstly, custom clearance brokers license holder in the ports of Kandla, Mundra, Hazira, Pipavav, Dahej, and Kolkata
  2. Secondly, highly capable human resources with more than 25 years of experience
  3. Further, extensive knowledge of customs rules & regulations and regular updates on changes in customs rules, customs structure, exchange rates, etc.
  4. Moreover, the strong connection to main container lines and shipping lines for competitive freight
  5. In addition, impaneled with various best Mundra custom agents or shipping lines for competitive cargo


warehousing services
our strong points

Our Strong Points

  • Firstly, high levels of efficiency 
  • Secondly, expertise in several commodities
  • Thirdly, proven ability to serve customers
  • Fourthly, well with comprehensive documentation
  • In addition, in an IT-driven environment.
  • Above all, utilizing CRM software and desk software.

In short, please let us know if you need best Mundra custom agents. Our contact information is as follows: +91-9717381333 or email us:


Year of Establishment : 1996
Business Type: Import-Export Trade Consultant
Estimated Yr Sales (USD): 2 – 5 M
Number of Employees : 80-100

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Call us at : +91-9717360020


219, Admin. Building, Inland Container Depot, Tughlakabad
New Delhi 44, India.

Branches/Services providing areas: Delhi, Mundra, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hazira, Ludhiana, Delhi Airport, Panipat Click for more