Get Consultancy Services For NRI In India

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Get Consultancy Services For NRI In India

NRI Services

Import Export Consultancy For NRI

Falcon welcomes foreign clients and businessmen with open hands and encourages them to set up business in India with the help of its industry best Logistics Consultancy services for NRIs in India. One of the practices for foreign companies to enter the Indian markets is by the setting up of a Liaison/Representative office. Falcon is a certified and reliable CHA that helps NRIs in setting up their project offices and Liaison offices in India by providing apt logistics consultancy and supply chain management. A Liaison office is not allowed to take on any business activity in India or earn any income in India on its own. In order to carry out business they need apt approval from various relevant department and authorities in India.

Foreign Companies often seek out markets to implement foreign projects in India for which they need to set up temporary project/site offices. Falcon also provides complete assistance to the clients related to visa documentation and custom clearance of goods at ports for best quality start-up and business set up in India.

Strategic Trade Information

Starting from strategic planning, information technology assistance, and re-engineering processes, our logistics consultants work towards improving your company's supply chain performance in global market forum. Clients can consult or seek advice on trade policy, license, transportation of goods, packaging, order processing, manufacturing procedures and quality control. Falcon has a strategic team of consultants that offer a wide range of services associated with development and designing of supply chain, helping clients to gain easy access to new markets and new geographical locations, outsourcing and selection of suppliers, locating-relocating of manufacturing unit, warehouse, distribution center, etc. We ensure efficient supply chain system for our clients by providing optimum resources at reasonable rates.

Our foreign clients can take advantage of our proficiency in offering cost-effective solutions for supply chain, warehousing, inventory management, distribution issues and so on. Our logistics consultancy services helps the clients expand their business in Indian markets by analyzing information to identify and solve any logistics and supply chain operation problems. Having occupied the Indian cargo industry, we also offer our prospective clients with advice and information on various business requirements and consultancy regarding logistics services for NRIs in India.

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Consultancy For Foreign Companies In India

Companies from outside India can start operating in India by:

  • Office of liaison/representation.
  • The project office.
  • The branch office.

This type of office can engage in any acceptable activity. Within 30 days of establishing a place of business in India, companies must register with the Registrar of Companies (ROC).

Office of liaison/representation

Liaison offices help businesses and investors better understand business and investment prospects in host countries and organize their activities. It serves as a channel of communication between the Indian offices and those abroad. A company cannot undertake any business activities directly or indirectly in India. Therefore, earn any income when in India. Foreign exchange remittances from the head office outside India will cover all the expenses of such offices. Its role is limited to gathering information about possible market opportunities and informing prospective Indian customers about the company and its products. Liaison offices in India can carry out the following activities:

  • Representing a parent company or group company in India.
  • Promoting exports and imports from and to India.
  • Collaborations in technical/financial fields between parent/group companies and companies in India.
  • Interact with Indian Companies on behalf of the parent company.

The approval to set up a liaison office in India is granted by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Office for Projects

Those planning to create temporary project/site offices in India can do so for specific projects to be completed in India. As of now, the Reserve Bank of India has granted general permission to foreign companies to establish Project Offices in India, provided they have secured a contract with an Indian company to execute a project in India, and

  • Remittances of foreign exchange from abroad are funding the project; or
  • financing is provided by a bilateral or multilateral international finance agency; or
  • approval has been granted by a relevant authority; or
  • the contract awarding company has been granted a Term Loan by a Public Financial Institution or a bank in India.

The branch office

Manufacturing and trading entities from outside India are allowed to open Branch Offices in India with the specific approval from the Reserve Bank of India for the following purposes:

  • Carrying out research work, in which the parent company is engaged.
  • Rendering professional or consultancy services.
  • Export/Import of goods.
  • Foreign airline/shipping Company.
  • Rendering services in Information Technology and development of software in India.
  • Promoting technical or financial collaborations between Indian companies and a parent or overseas group company.
  • Rendering technical support to the products supplied by the parent/ group companies.
  • Representing the parent company in India and acting as buying/selling agents in India.

Normally, the Branch Office should be engaged in the activity in which the parent company is engaged.

Here are some benefits that a branch office enjoys over a representative office: 

  • Invest in assets, such as real estate, and repatriate its profits after paying the applicable taxes to its parent company. A foreign company’s extension for tax purposes


  • Branch offices in India cannot engage in retail trading activities of any kind.
  • A Branch Office is not allowed to carry out manufacturing or processing activities in India, directly or indirectly.
  • Profits earned by the Branch Offices can be repatriated from India upon payment of the applicable tax


NRI Services
Main costs cutting in accounting & overhead work
Import Export License Broker And Consultancy
Import Export license broker and consultancy
Trained And Certified Staff At Your Disposal, Wherever You Are
Trained and certified staff at your disposal, wherever you are
Simplified And Easy To Access Payment Options
Simplified and easy to access payment options
Economical Cost Of Outsourcing
Economical cost of Outsourcing
Completion Of Projects On Scheduled Time
Completion of projects on scheduled time
Rendering Technical Support To The Products Delivered By The Parent
Rendering technical support to the products delivered by the parent/ Group companies.
Top-Notch Job Quality And Client Satisfaction
Top-notch job quality and client satisfaction
Reliable Buying/Selling Agents In India
Reliable buying/selling agents in India
NRI Services
Rigorous research work in the area in which the parent company is engaged.
Facility for Import Export Code
Efficient export and import trading activities
For Visa Documents Assistant
Endorsing possible technical and financial associations among the Indian companies and foreign companies.
Fast Freight Forwarding Services Via Air & Sea.
Rendering professional logistics consultancy services


Custom Clearing Agents In Patparganj
Outsource Facilities
Random Inspection At Site
Information Regarding Custom Duty, Anti-dumping Duty, Policy
Imports Exports Data
Imports Exports Data
For Visa Documents Assistant
Assistance in VISA documentation & ticketing Process to promote import-export business.
International Trade Consultants
International Trade Consultants
NRI Services
Acting as a communication channel between the parent company and Indian companies in order to meet their logistic needs.
Collaboration With Various Airline/Shipping Companies
Collaboration with various airline/shipping companies
NRI Services
Representing the parent company/group companies in India
Promoting Export Import From/To India
Promoting export import from/to India
Fast Freight Forwarding Services Via Air & Sea.
Sea and Air Freight Brokers
Promoting Technical
Promoting technical/financial associations among parent/group companies and companies in India
Complete Professional Assistance
Govt. Approved Custom House Agents


Hassle Free Service

Falcon has continuously gained admiration for providing hassle free services. Over the last 20 years, our devotion and assurance have made us one of the best establishments as customs brokerage agents in this industry. The worldwide standard services of the company have also been widely recognized by the clients global.



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