Import Custom Clearing Agents In Tughlakabad, New Delhi


Import Custom Clearing Agents In Tughlakabad, New Delhi

Specialized Clearing

TContainer Shipping from Tughlakabad

We are a leading Custom Clearing Agents In Tughlakabad, New Delhi. We are in customs clearance for the past 30 years. Our knowledge of customs regulations ensures a smooth specialized clearing in Tughlakabad for our clients. It’s ensuring no delays or unnecessary costs. Customs clearance process contains the following steps:

  • The first step is to self-assess the goods.
  • The shipping bill generates through EDI in the second step.
  • RMS then processes self-assessed shipping bills.
  • We will then prepare the checklist and forward it for approval.
  • The customs officer then verifies the goods.
  • Customs examines your customs paperwork. 
  • Taxes and duties are based on the customs paperwork. 
  • Taxes and duties paid to customs, if applicable. 
  • Once all duties are paid, your shipment will be cleared through customs.
  • Export benefits include duty drawbacks, DEPBs, refunds, and others.

International Freight Booking

Since 2004, In ICD Tuglakabad, Delhi, we have been providing freight forwarding services. Our services include international freight, transportation, warehousing, consultancy, invoicing, and other activities. Falcon Freight is a logistics provider that helps your business reach the global market. The goal of automating international freight forwarding is to simplify worldwide logistics and facilitate trade. We offer booking of air and sea cargo through our website.You can see the updated rates on our website

TContainer Shipping Tughlakabad Delhi

Year of Establishment : 1989
Primary Business Type : Service Providers
Estimated Annual Sales (USD) : 2 to 5 Million

219-B, 2nd floor, Administrative Building, Inland Container Depot, Tughlakabad New Delhi 110044, India.
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