Custom Clearance Agent in Nagpur

custom clearance agent in nagpur

You are looking for an import-export custom clearance agent in Nagpur? Therefore, our company is one of the most trusted import-export custom clearing agents in Nagpur Maharashtra. Also, we can serve clients around the world with respect to their shipments. As a result, our team helps clients import and export goods in India by air and sea. Also, Falcon provides information on product sources, customs duties, documentation, air freight, and sea freight. So, as one of the most experienced custom clearance agents in Nagpur Maharashtra India, we can handle all your work.

Hassle-Free Custom Clearing Services

With our hassle-free custom clearing services, you can be sure that your goods will reach their destination safely. The most important thing for us is that your goods arrive with no problems. As well as P&Q, A&Q, DGFT, wildlife, FSAAI, textile committee, GJEPC, legal metrology, BIS, WPC, etc. Falcon has been in the customs industry for more than 35 years. As well the team has grateful to our clients for their support. In addition, Falcon is on the top list of custom house agents.​

Smoothly Handling Customs Clearance in Nagpur

You can also get fast custom clearance services in Nagpur Maharashtra India from our company. Imports and exports come through both air and sea in Nagpur. It is one of our key strengths to handle import and export documentation. Our leading custom house agent in Nagpur can assist you in getting the needed documents in time. As a result, Falcon checks the documents and delivers the products on time. In order to avoid delays, we process all exports and imports on time.

Door-to-Door Delivery Services

As part of its comprehensive range of services, it provides door-to-door delivery throughout the country. You can also count on a customs clearance service to help you move your cargo from beginning to end. Furthermore, we provide the highest level of service. As well as we work as a customs clearance agent in Nagpur for export and import.

customs clearance in nagpur
available 24/7 for support

Online Freight and Custom Clearance Bookings

Meanwhile, you can book freight and custom clearance online through our website. Also, you can choose the quick response call option to connect with us. Online shipping rates for air and sea freight can also be found. In addition, we also source goods to import on behalf of our clients. Last but not least, the company meets all customs regulations and provides our customers with reliable service.

Available 24/7 for Support

We are here to help with your customs clearance needs. Similarly, if you are looking for a custom clearance agent in Nagpur Maharashtra India, our team can assist you. 

Get in touch with us if you need help such as custom clearance agent in Nagpur Maharashtra India. Our phone no. is +91-9311595648 our email is

Our Strengths

  • Firstly, customers are our number one priority when it comes to importing custom clearance services.
  • Secondly, a very efficient system is in place for handling cargo.
  • Thirdly, familiar with handling several commodities related to imports and exports.
  • Moreover, strong customer service skills
  • Most importantly, working with comprehensive documentation.
  • Specifically, operating the latest IT-enabled systems.
  • To clarify, having an in-house solution of CRM and Desk software to provide better customer service. 

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