Customs Clearance Import Export Brokers

customs clearance import export brokers

Falcon has worked as a customs clearance import export broker for the past 35 years. Firstly, we always make sure that we provide the best services to the clients. Secondly, we supply them with flexible options based on their needs.

Thirdly, we provide them with 24*7 assistance from our elite custom clearance agents. Moreover, we make sure that our custom consultant services are very detailed. So that there is no room for error in customs clearance. It also makes us more trustworthy among our customers.

Therefore, brokers at all major ports of entry and departure are notified. Meanwhile, to exempt all major import and export ports from customs clearance.

Best Custom Clearance Agents

In addition to prestigious custom clearance services. Subsequently, our best custom clearance agents have years of experience in providing constant evaluations and real-time tracking. As a result, this type of management creates a timely and efficient transportation channel for smooth import and export transactions. So, to ensure a safe and secure system, we provide insurance for your goods and services. In addition, we use our custom bonded warehousing and distribution system. Consequently, our prominent agents have years of experience in customs clearance.

custom clearing agent near me

Custom Clearing Agent near Me

However, if you are searching for a custom clearing agent near me, Falcon is your destination. Our company arranges all the necessary documents for customs clearance, providing zero penalties during freight forwarding and customs clearing. Above all, this saves our customers time and money. We also take care of every step of the process from start to finish. Certainly, Falcon offers multiple modes of transportation to fit the budgets of its clients. Further, the options can be airways, seaways, roads, or railways.

If you are looking for customs clearance import export brokers, reach out to us. Our contact information is as follows: +91-9311595648 or email us:

Customs Clearing Import Export Services

Online Paper Through EDI

Firstly, Online Paper through EDI

ICL Import Freight

Thirdly, Container Track System with CONCOR

Direct Sell And Purchase

Moreover, Fast safety repayment from Shipping Line

Faster Custom Clearing In India

Also, Fastest refund providing services


Custom Bonded national Warehousing

Liaison For New IEC No

3Pl services Worldwide

Transportations Land Lords 24 hrs

24 hour open for you

Proper Legal Guidance During Dealings

Secondly, Follow up with numerous Govt. Organizations


Further, Handles threats, live animal much more

Application Drafting Services

In addition, Documentation legal procedures

Custom Clearing Agents In Patparganj

Door to Door Service

Custom Clearing Agents In Patparganj

Packing Transportation

Raw Materials

Project Imports handling



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