Freight Forwarder in China to India

The Falcon Group is a freight forwarder in China to India. We offer our services to businesses in the form of imports and exports. It may be for companies like manufacturers, distributors, retailers, etc. We are freight forwarders in China to India that organize and distribute goods by air, sea, railway, and highways. As a result, they serve as agents rather than active carriers. So, the best freight forwarders in China are independent freight forwarders who use asset-based transporters to dispatch shipments. They book and order space on transporters such as ships, airplanes, trains, and trucks to transport shipments.

Best Freight Forwarders China to India

After that, thousands of Falcon’s customers in China can accomplish and transport goods through Falcon’s freight and trade network. So, the best freight forwarders from China to India serve as a single-source solution. As a result, Falcon Group offers a broad range of services, such as pre and post-shipment formalities, customs clearance, containerized, bulk, and break-bulk cargo, as well as project cargo forwarding. Similarly, no matter what size they are. Meanwhile, we work as one of the top freight forwarders in China to India. In addition, we also handle freight and shipment out of India.

Fast and Hassle-Free Freight Forwarding Services

We also provide custom-tailored air and sea freight forwarding services from China to India. On the other hand, our company provides freight forwarding services to Indian agents. Moreover, our leading NVOCC is based in India. It offers door-to-door services from China to India as well as supporting ICD offices. As a result, our challengers must be wary of the company’s trained team of experts.

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freight forwarder China to India

Freight Forwarder China to India

Furthermore, we are experts in freight forwarders from China to India, which has become our greatest strength. So, they monitor and supervise the shipment of goods from the port to their destination. Besides that, we stay current with the latest customs regulations and procedures. At the same time, we specialize in air and sea freight forwarding from China to India.

  1. Firstly, providing high-quality legal procedures.
  2. Secondly, knowledge of multiple commodities
  3. Thirdly, implementing a customer-friendly management system 
  4. Further, import or export documentation expertise.
  5. Moreover, by utilizing IT systems, we were able to become more compact. 
  6. In addition, transportation is in-house.
  7. Furthermore, a Leader in International logistics and freight booking
  8. Additionally, a reliable Chinese Product Sourcing Agent
  9. Similarly, professional services for; WPC | FSSAI | BIS | AD Code Registration | Liaison Services | IEC No | Import Export Licenses | P&Q | A&Q | Wildlife | Etc.
  10. Likewise, members of the WCA Worldwide Family. Id:-103447

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Year of Establishment : 1996
Business Type: Import-Export Trade Consultant
Estimated Yr Sales (USD): 2 – 5 M
Number of Employees : 80-100

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Call us at : +91-9311595648


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