Get Services for Import and Export Advance Authorisation from DGFT

advance authorisation scheme

Falcon will assist you with getting services for the import and export Advance Authorisation Scheme (AA) from DGFT. Therefore, we offer cost-effective advance authorization license-related services that are performed by highly trained professionals. Being a custom clearance and freight forwarder agent, we know the exact steps you need to take to obtain certification. Hence, we offer you a wide range of documentation services. Consequently, we offer consultation regarding document compilation, and application preparation at a competitive price.

All about Advance Authorisation Scheme (AA)

On the other hand, the Advance Authorisation Scheme (AA) is a kind of duty rebate scheme introduced by the Indian Government under the Foreign Trade Policy 2015 to 2020. Under this scheme, exemption from the payment of import duties is given to inputs required for the manufacture of export products. i.e. you can import inputs at zero customs duty for the production of export products. Most importantly, these inputs either can be in a natural or raw unmanufactured or unrefined or manufactured state. Additionally, the main objective of this scheme is to make India’s products competitive in the global market. When duties paid on inputs are saved, this automatically reduces the cost of the final export product. The AA scheme (Advance Authorisation) comes with a genuine user condition. It can be issued to either a merchant exporter or manufacturer exporter tied with a supporting manufacturer.

How Falcon Can Assist You to Get an Advance License from DGFT

Additionally, at Falcon, our team assists you in receiving advance authorization scheme benefits from DGFT (Director General of Foreign Trade) and customs as well. That is to say, we take follow-ups on a regular basis. After that, we will help you in preparing documents for advance authorization from DGFT (Director General of Foreign Trade). Meanwhile, obtain an advance license from DGFT (Director General of Foreign Trade).

Subsequently, we will guide you regarding the procedural requirements and compliances you should follow by the client after the issuance of AA (Advance Authorization).
So, you obtain amendments, enhancements, or extensions for the advanced license. After that, you get a redemption letter from RAs (Regional Authorities) of DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade) and a release of the bond after fulfilling the export obligation from customs.

In the end, we can help you to get services for import and export advance authorization from DGFT. Call +91-9311595648 or email for more information.

advance authorisation

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