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When looking for an import-export international logistics consultancy company that operates 24 hours a day, you should look for one open seven days a week. Your search ends here because we serve our import-export clients 24/7. With our companies, you can avail of logistics services, clear customs, move goods, hire staff, and arrange transportation. Additionally, by managing this sector, we have provided our clients with customized solutions to save them time. And perfect handling of import exports in international logistics. Furthermore, we offer seamless customs clearance across international ports through the Falcon customs clearance service.  

24/7 Open For Import Custom Clearance

In either case, our team remains available 24/7, Open For Import Custom Clearance, to answer any questions or concerns our clients may have. Furthermore, we assist you in promptly organizing your import customs clearance paperwork to meet the obligations of the day-to-day formalities and facilitate your business’s smooth functioning.

The most important thing we will do is ensure that your international imports and exports are delivered safely to their destinations. Our global logistics consultancy services have served clients for more than 25 years based on their needs and maximizing satisfaction. In addition, several related departments are handled by us, including P&Q, A&Q, DGFT, wildlife management, textile committees, GJEPC, Legal Metrology, BIS, and WPC.  

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24/7 Open For Export Custom Clearance

Additionally, Falcon remains 24/7 open for export customs clearance, dealing with air and sea export services. Moreover, perishable cargo like vegetables and fruits are handled professionally by us. In addition, we are open 24 hours for Perishable cargo. Furthermore, We are a leading custom clearing agent in India and all over the world, and we have been serving our clients for over 25 years. We make sure the shipment reaches its destination safely and is handled with care by Falcon’s team. For goods to be exported, the clearance process includes the following steps:-

  • The timely arrival of goods at the destination port
  • Fastly Bill of lading generation
  • Quick Inspection of goods
  • Safely Putting goods into a truck
  • General management for export
  • On-time Duty-drawback claim

24/7 Open for Online Freight Booking

Of course, we are open 24 hours a day and give you the option of booking freight online for your import-export international logistics consignments. If you wish to consult at any time regarding international freight rates, then you are welcome to do so. Also, You can receive an estimate of your port requirements free of charge. Moreover, our company is handling international and domestic shipments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the whole year. In spite of the competitive international rates, we offer the quick movement of containers on board regardless of the international import-export cargo shipments. We are also able to offer clients transparent international freight forwarding services. Updates are provided to a wide variety of markets on an ongoing basis. As well as, continuously updated container and air freight rates for imports and exports in India.

In addition, we provide customized shipping rates to our customers in line with their export-import requirements as an integral part of their export-import operations. Additionally, our freight management services cater to a wide variety of cargo/commodities. Our NVOCC company is among the best in the industry. Additionally, deliveries are handled professionally by our team of experts. Furthermore, a reputable ocean and sea freight forwarding company in India has enhanced its packaging facilities. To obtain an international freight booking, please contact us now. +91 9311595648 |

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Domestics Transportation is the most important aspect in the imports exports business for making its appearance. For 24/7 As in the market by shifting of goods from one place to another. Our door-to-door delivery service in India is leaps and bounds ahead. In India, we specialize in providing road transportation services for cargo. Moreover, is obvious that we are simply magnificent and cost-effective as well, which, indeed. Our road transportation service in India allows our clients to get the goods delivered to their required place. This also reflects our networking in terms of road transportation services in India.

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Provides seamless services for sea customs clearance across international ports for export-import shipments.

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We are fully up-to-date with customs procedures and have excellent knowledge of how to handle shipments related to air customs clearance services.

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Wde coverage in Indian Road transportation service which allows us to cover all the territories of our country.


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