Important Tools for International Trade

International Trade Tools

According to requirements, there are some important tools for international trade, International trade is the exchange of goods and services between countries that gives rise to a world economy where the supply and demand of goods are affected by global events. It allows us to globally expand our markets for both goods and services.

The Government of any country uses a number of tools to manage their international trade operations. In general, the tools can be categorized into tariffs, import quotas, and subsidies. Tariffs are the taxes imposed on imports, Import Quotas are imposed to restrict the sale of foreign goods within the country to avoid monopoly of these goods in the domestic markets while Subsidies are the grants provided by the government to make the domestic markets more competitive.
As far as the export/import trade is concerned, it is important to have a complete idea of the various tools required/used for smooth logistics management. Freight rates are one of the important tools used for the export/ import of goods across countries as it is the price paid or collected for the delivery of a cargo from one one port to another. These rates differ on the basis of the cargo, mode of transport used like truck, ship, train, or aircraft, dimensions or weight of the cargo, and the distance to the destination port. In other words, the freight rate is the cost that a shipper or consignee is charged for the transportation of goods.

CBM / Load Calculator

CBM / load calculator is the tool used to calculate the weight and volume of consignments or shipping cartons for single containers or multiple containers in cubic meters. This helps the shipper in determining the mode of transporting the cargo i.e. by sea or air.

A Container Tracking system is a tracking software that enables the consignee to determine or track the location of the cargo across ports and determine the transit time of goods reaching the destination ports. With the use of details such as cargo number/ bill of lading/ Air cargo number shippers trace the cargo routes that further help them in determining the time or days that the consignment will reach its destination.

The use of the above-mentioned tools of international trade enables the customs house agents to carry out the export/import of goods with efficiency and provide the best customs clearing and international freight forwarding services to the clients.

International Trade Tools

Full Container Load Rates

Affordable and Cost effective freight rates, quick movement of containers on-board irrespective of cargo ​


Air Rates

Nominal rates and minimal transit time on air lifting of cargoes, tie-ups with airlines like Air India


Less Container Load Rates

Transportation of console shipments at nominal local charges with minimal transit time


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