Sea And Air Freight From Xiamen To India

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Our service has been the best in Xiamen and India for over 30 years. We can arrange sea and Air freight from China to India and provide the right information for vessels with more than 30 years of experience. It is a very affordable service that we provide that helps us offer the required sea freight services to our customers. Most Businesses always look for a reliable sea and air freight forwarder. Therefore, we are the source of good freight so they can get their goods on time. In addition to air and sea freight service from Xiamen to India, we support all your freight needs. The smooth running of the market helps buyers and sellers seek more import exports.

Falcon India and our global network partners have all the knowledge, experience, and infrastructure. It Can provide pick-up & delivery service for shipments at aggressive costs. Now Customers are requesting suppliers to Transport their shipments on Ex-Works or DDU/DDP to save time. Therefore to avoid dealing with the various Freight service providers for brokerage.


We also give Sea and air freight services from Xiamen to India. Xiamen has always been a great import-export market. especially for exporters of goods in both sea and air modes, it allows us to offer the best Freight prices from Xiamen. We also give warehousing, customs clearance, and door delivery services. Along with our first-class international freight forwarding background. Xiamen is an important transport junction. We have won a good name and many clients in the Xiamen areas in previous years.

Our goal is to change the supply chain/freight forwarding style in India, along With our top-class international supply chain services. we have good freight by sea and air, so we can give customers seamless, efficient, affordable, and effective services. Technology and infrastructure are the foundations of our working model. The Falcon India team is made up of some of the experts in the industry. which offers 24/7 customer support to ensure that we are able to meet your freight needs to and from India.

Sea & Air Freight from Xiamen


Falcon provides all types of Services Including Custom Clearing Services in India Delhi, freight from Xiamen to all major ports of India by air and ocean.​

Sea and Air Freight fro afghanistan to India


Sea and Air Freight fro afghanistan to India

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Custom Clearing Agents In Patparganj

Door to Door Delivery

Sea and Air Freight fro afghanistan to India

Door-to-port and door-to-door service

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International Warehousing facilities

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Extensive Agents Network

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Custom Clearing Agents In Patparganj

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Sea and Air Freight fro afghanistan to India

Industry's best rate analysis

Sea and Air Freight fro afghanistan to India

Decent Employees for 24*7 assistance

Sea and Air Freight fro afghanistan to India

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Year of Establishment : 1989
Primary Business Type : Service Providers
Estimated Annual Sales (USD) : 2 to 5 Million


219-B, 2nd floor, Administrative Building, Inland Container Depot, Tughlakabad New Delhi 110044, India.
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