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The company specializes in the market of air freight shipping from China to Delhi India. Over the past three decades, we have been involved in the air freight shipping sector. Therefore, the low air freight rates that we offer our clients have always been of great interest to us in addition to customs clearance. As a result, particularly when a request for freight shipping rates from China is received, our firm is in a position to provide our clients with the most competitive air freight rates from China to Delhi India. So, our access to China comes from our partners working with us, who have deep roots there.

Air Cargo from China to Delhi India

Consequently, we are members of the WCA family, which means we have access to all major ports in India and worldwide. That is to say, we offer a combination of air cargo from China to Delhi India along with clearance and shipping services to major Indian ports. Thus, we would like to thank our talented team and freight agents network. In this way, we can exploit the advantages of bulk movement from China, where the traffic is very high.

Air Freight Cost from China to Delhi

In other words, providing Air shipping from China to Delhi, India is one of the companies we offer, and we would be glad to provide you with a quote. Furthermore, we are having experience of more than 20 years in the air shipping and forwarding industry, which makes us more competitive in China. To clarify, whether you’re looking to ship air cargo from India or air cargo, we offer the most competitive rates. However, our services include online freight booking, warehousing, and customs clearance for international shipping services and door-to-door delivery as well.

On the other hand, Due to our good reputation and many loyal customers in India and the surrounding areas, we earned a great reputation there. For instance, contact us if you are looking for professionals to manage your air shipping from China. Above all, regardless of what you expect from us, we will make sure you are satisfied.

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Supply Chain and Freight Forwarding Services

Certainly, the main focus of our organization is to change India’s modern supply chain and freight forwarding services into something more efficient and reliable. Further, providing seamless, efficient, affordable, effective global supply chain and freight services is the core of our business. Moreover, our operating model relies on high-level technology and infrastructure.

In addition, Falcon India is a team of seasoned professionals and offers 24/7 customer support to ensure that we can meet all your shipping needs from and to India. Meanwhile, we are export to handle the Chinese imported goods in customs.

Air Customs Clearance Services Providers At Delhi Airport

Firstly, our company is one of the leading customs clearance service providers at Delhi Airport. Secondly, our company ensures that all our customers have hassle-free customs clearance. Subsequently, we assist you with ease of Import and Export paperwork for all of your shipments through our customs brokers services. Subsequently, verifying the adherence of all trade compliance and procedures. Likewise, with our efficient delivery network, we are providing you with sea, land, and air consignments.

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Similarly, Falcon provides all types of Services Including Custom Clearing Services in India Delhi freight from Tianjin to all major ports of India by air and ocean.

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Sea and Air Freight fro afghanistan to India

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Sea and Air Freight fro afghanistan to India

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Sea and Air Freight fro afghanistan to India

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