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Falcon has made sure that in the freight forwarding business, it reaches the top with pure perseverance. We aim to provide the best freight rates from Vietnam to India. Our hard work and transparent professionalism have shown exponential growth.

Despite setting low prices in freight forwarding we ensure that there is no compromise in services provided by us. It comprises several things that make the work of customers extremely easy. 

Custom Clearance of Import Cargo

Firstly, our elite agents arrange all the necessary documents needed for customs clearance to ensure import cargo. This avoids unnecessary fines that eventually save a lot of money. Secondly, we provide multiple options for transportation modes. It gives them the benefit of choosing services according to their budget. Thirdly, we provide 100% safe loading and unloading to protect the goods from being damaged.

Economical and Affordable Services from Vietnam to India

We have efficiently managed to provide the best freight rates from Vietnam to India for many years. It has a lot to do with our evaluated and detailed process. We have an advanced tracking system to provide real-time monitoring of freight movement. It gives us precise information about the freight movement between Vietnam to India. This gives us an additional advantage of frequent transportation and delivery within the transit time.

On-time Delivery and Door-to-Door Services

We also ensure that our customers don’t face any inconvenience. For that, we provide them with door-to-door freight forwarding services. In addition to that, we facilitate them with international warehousing facilities to import cargo.

Lastly, to get services for the best freight rates from Vietnam to India please feel free to contact us. +91 9311595648 or email us at
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Customs Clearance & Shipping Forwarding Company

Customs Clearance & Shipping Forwarding Company

Similarly, we specialize in international shipping and forwarding, as well as customs clearance. In addition, we constantly monitor exports and imports and exporters’ jobs across all concerned ports. Moreover, we, as an agency, never compromise on documentation for customs clearance and freight shipping. 

Thus, we are happy to inform you that we are running a freight forwarding agency in Vietnam with the best sea and air freight rates. This is why we are glad to assist you with custom house agents Freight Forwarding from Vietnam to India.

However, we also handle import and export clearances by sea (LCL, FCL), road, and air. Since 1995, we have been in business. Most importantly, clearance of customs and shipping of cargo by sea and air have been our specialties.

Briefly, our services offer the following advantages:

  1. Truly, high-quality legal services we are providing. 
  2. Moreover, we are having expertise in a wide range of products.
  3. Also, we are a professional in import and export. documentation handling.
  4. Specifically, we became more efficient with the use of our strong IT systems. 
  5. Mainly, transport is provided by company vehicles.
  6. Specialized in international freight and logistics.  
  7. Even, we are a leading product sourcing agent in China/ India.
  8. Most importantly, we are registered members of WCA Worldwide. family. Number: 103447

In the end, we can help you with import/ export customs clearance (CHA) and forwarding services. Call +91-9311595648 or email for more information.

Freight Forwarding and Custom House agent

Above all, it is our pleasure to say that we are one of the leading shipping companies in Asia. Most importantly, we provide customs clearance in India. In addition, we are listed in the top five lists of Freight Forwarder in India

Most Importantly, since we are a leading custom house agent (CHA) in India, we can assist you in delivering the cargo quickly. In summary, we are available 24/7 for import and export freight and shipping in India. So, if you are looking for the best Custom house brokers in India, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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