Import Export Commission Agent in India

import export commission agent in india

In the past few years, Falcon has become the best import export commission agent in India. Above all, we aim to offer the best services to our clients at the lowest possible costs. Certainly, the company has access to all major ports in India and abroad. Our import export agents already know China, so our team can take full advantage of its massive supply chain to reduce transit costs. Further, our import export commission agent in India helps us minimize the impact of China's high transit costs.

Best Export Commission Agent

Therefore, in our role as an export commission agent in India. So, this company has built up a network of expert import export broker commission. Consequently, our 24/7 customer service team advises customers on all aspects of freight from and to India. However, the key to our success has been providing services that go above and beyond customer expectations. As a result, Falcon provides services to customers by land, sea, and air.

Cost-Effective Import Export Agent

Falcon has been offering preeminent import-export services in India for more than two decades. In addition, the company has a huge portfolio of government-approved import and export agents in India. Besides the continuous evaluation of real-time tracking. It is also provided by our import export agent in India for smooth freight forwarding and customs clearance. Subsequently, to ensure the safety and security of the customer's goods, we offer insurance. They also provide a consolidated custom-bonded warehousing and distribution system. Our strengthen our work process of freight forwarding as a result.

Import Export Agency

Our import export agency commission is able to function efficiently. Due to the use of software and hardware that is of the highest standard. Likewise, our expertise in CRM and Desk IVR are among the best in the world. In addition to being able to book export commission agents, deal with customs clearance, and engage our international shipping services. Our customers also benefit from IT-enabled systems.

If you are searing for import export commission agent in India then reach out to us. Our contact information is as follows: +91-9717360020 or email us:

import export agent in india

Our Strengths

  • Firstly, Import custom clearance services are committed to delivering customer satisfaction.
  • Second, the cargo is handled in a very efficient manner.
  • Thirdly, familiarity with handling several commodities related to imports and exports.
  • Moreover, strong customer service skills
  • Most importantly, working with comprehensive documentation.
  • Specifically, operating the latest IT-enabled systems.
  • To clarify, having in-house solution of CRM and Desk software to provide better customer service. 



Year of Establishment : 1996
Business Type: Import-Export Trade Consultant
Estimated Yr Sales (USD): 2 – 5 M
Number of Employees : 80-100

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Call us at : +91-9717360020


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