Mundra to USA Export by Sea

Falcon is one of the leading companies that handle Mundra to USA export by sea. Mundra is located in Gujarat state of India. This port is a major seaport in India. It is one of the busiest ports in the country. Mundra has a deep water port and can accommodate large ships. The port has many facilities for handling containers, break bulk cargo and liquid cargo. It also has a rail link that connects it to the rest of India. Mundra is one of the main ports that export goods from Mundra to USA. It is also the starting point for many sea routes. One of the most popular routes is the Mundra to USA export by sea. This route is used by many companies because it is faster and cheaper than other methods of transportation.

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Sea Container Export Services from Mundra to USA

Our aim is to offer you the best sea container export services from Mundra to the USA. As you know Mundra is a seaport city in India. It is located on the west coast of the country. The city is a major hub for exporting goods to the USA. Mundra has a large deep-water port that can accommodate large ships. The port is also equipped with modern facilities and equipment to make the loading and unloading of cargo quick and efficient. Mundra is a port city in India that is responsible for a large portion of the country’s exports. One of the products that Mundra exports, is cars. In order to get these cars to the USA, they must be loaded onto ships and transported across the ocean. This process can be inexpensive but time-consuming. Also, it is necessary in order to get the cars to their final destination.

Ocean Export to USA from Mundra

Falcon always offers you competitive rates for ocean export to the USA from Mundra. Mundra Port is one of the biggest ports in India. Also, it is well-known for its sea exports. One of the most popular items that are exported from Mundra to the USA is salt. The salt is harvested from the nearby Salt range and then transported to Mundra for export. It usually takes about two weeks for the salt to reach the USA. Other items that are exported from Mundra to the USA include rice, spices, tea, and so on.

We offer reasonable rates for Mundra to USA export by ocean, so if you are looking for such rates, please contact us. To contact us, call +91-9311344833 or send an email to

What Documents You Need to Export to USA from Mundra

These are the list of important documents you will need to export a product successfully to the USA from Mundra

  1. Air Waybill
  2. Bill of Lading
  3. Certificate of Conformity
  4. Certificate of Origin
  5. Commercial Invoice
  6. Dock / Warehouse Receipt
  7. Export License
  8. Export Packing List
  9. Inspection Certification
  10. Insurance Certificate

In addition, if you are looking for reasonable export rates to the USA from Mundra, please contact us. Feel free to contact us at +91-9311344833 or

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