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Re-Export Custom Bonded Warehouse - Section 69 of Act 1962

Re-Export the cargo under bonded warehousing

Our Services – Re-exporting Through Bonded Warehouse Under Section 69 Customs Act, 1962

Are you interested in re-exporting the cargo through a customs-bonded warehouse in accordance with Section 69 of the Customs Act 1962? Under the provision, we provide re-exporting services through custom bonded warehousing, which we consider to be one of our key competencies. We provide cargo re-export services to customers throughout the country through our bonded warehouse services.

Our company is one of the most prominent customs clearing agents in India. Therefore, our staff members are familiar with customs procedures and provide the most information on shipments of re-exports against the bonded warehouses, as per section 69 of the Customs Act 1962. We are also proud to say that our team has extensive experience in executing import and export bonds with customs for re-exports under section 69 of the 1962 Customs Act. Especially in the case of re-export, we have a special arrangement for packing the cargo at night.

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Custom Bonded Warehousing Services

Benefits of Re-Export The Goods Under Custom Bonded Warehousing

  1. Having the flexibility of importing the cargo and re-exporting it after completing the custom bonded warehousing formalities under section 69 of the Customs Act 1962. 
  2. Customs duties can be avoided by importers who can re-export their cargo for profit without paying customs duties.
  3. Eliminate the shipping line and port fees. In order to avoid ground rent and shipping line detention charges, cargo is de-stuffed from shipping line containers into the bonded warehouse.
  4. Among the additional services at a custom bond warehouse is the ability to label, pack, kit, bar-code, palletize, and other authorized services.
  5. Low storage cost – each square foot is charged a weekly fee by the custodian.
  6. If you re-export your cargo from a customs-bonded warehouse, you can store the imports and then export directly from the customs export section. By doing so, you can save on transportation costs. 
  7. Fast export process benefits you can avail.

FAQ Re-export The Goods Under Custom Bonded Warehouse Section 69 of Act 1962

No. You can re-export warehoused goods without any processing under Section 69 of the Customs Act, 1962. The warehoused goods can also be cleared in DTA without any processing under Section 68 of the Customs Act, 1962. These legal provisions explain the conditions for such re-export or DTA clearances.

The provisions of section 12 of the Customs Act, 1962, and the Customs Tariff Act shall impose duty on the DTA clearance of goods by SEZ units, similar to the case of physically importing goods. Special Economic Zones will be considered foreign territory for the purposes of duties and taxes under the new dispensation.

Domestic Tariff Area (DTA) or Domestic Tariff Zone (DTZ) means an area within India that is outside the Special Economic Zones and EOU/EHTP/STP/BTP. The units operating under certain specific schemes such as EPZ/SEZ/EOU are expected to carry out their activities within a customs bonded area.

Is it necessary to process goods stored in a customs bonded warehouse for value addition before removing them for re-export or for local consumption?

The answer is no. You can re-export the warehoused goods under Section 69 of the Customs Act, 1962 without any processing

  1. When the importer makes the import payment in hard currency, the re-export process recoups the entire foreign exchange spent in importation.
  2. The import in the first instance was not unauthorised or in contravention of the Import-Export Policy.
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