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We have maintained its position as the leading service provider in the freight forwarding business. Therefore, Falcon makes it simple for customers to book freight from China to Delhi. Meanwhile, it has been a combination of hard work and professionalism that has led to exponential growth. To clarify, despite our low freight forwarding prices, we ensure that the services we provide are not compromised. Similarly, our customers appreciate our wide variety of services because they find them extremely convenient.

Customs Clearance Documents

Firstly, getting all of the customs clearance documents ready. Therefore, this saves most of the company’s money in the long run by preventing unnecessary fines. Secondly, we provide our clients with a number of transportation options. After that, this gives them the option to freight from China to Delhi booking according to their budget. Thirdly, we ensure the safety of your freight during loading and unloading.

In short, please let us know if you need to book freight from China to Delhi. Our contact information is as follows: +91-9717360020 or email us:

Effortless Booking Freight from China to Delhi

In addition, offering unlimited services in regards to helping them booking freight from China to Delhi, we also provide notifications and exemptions from customs clearance. Subsequently, the work process follows an extremely detailed approach, so there is no chance of a mistake during freight forwarding. Moreover, our agents are present at all major domestic and international ports. Consequently, we offer our clients the knowledge and expertise of our agents when they freight from China to Delhi book. After that, we use high-quality technology and infrastructure in order to achieve our operational goals. On the other hand, to provide the most effective CRM and IVR solutions, we make sure we use the most advanced software available.

Handling Import from China to Delhi

In conclusion, our team’s effortless handling ensures that customers can import from China to Delhi that fits their budget requirements. Moreover, the mission of our organization is to improve India’s modern shipping system and make it more efficient and reliable.

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We Have Special Arrangements for You in China

We specialize in handling the customs clearance of Chinese imported goods and heaving special arrangements for you in the China sector. So, for making professional logistics services for the China sector we provide door-to-door delivery from China to India and within China itself. In addition, we also provide air courier services in this sector. Our company offers very efficient and well-managed logistics services in China in addition to warehousing facilities. After that, you can get online freight related to your air and sea shipments, it includes Ex-works and FOB shipments. Likewise, one plus point is that we provide customs clearance in China and India, a well-managed service we have been providing for the last 20 years.

Sea Freight Shipping China To Delhi, India

Product Sourcing Services From China

You can check Chinese products price from us and avail of product sourcing services in China as we are having special arrangements for you in China. But, we can check the quality of the goods at the china warehouse/factory of your shipments or loading/ stuffing time shipments. As a result, in requirements we can provide you with samples from China at your doorstep. In addition, we can pick up and deliver the cargo that you have booked from Alibaba. We could provide you with a Chinese to English translator during your visit to China. Most importantly, we also provide legal support to our clients related to import-export documents, custom duties, applying for the visa on behalf of you, etc.

In Conclusion, we are also organizing a successful trip for our customers’ trip to China to visit at Canton Trade Fair in Guangzhou, China. As a result, we have excellent relationships/networks in China, we can help you expand your business there. Therefore, give us a call now to avail the professional services.

Sea and Air Freight fro afghanistan to India

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Sea and Air Freight fro afghanistan to India

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Custom Clearing Agents In Patparganj

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Sea and Air Freight fro afghanistan to India

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Sea and Air Freight fro afghanistan to India

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