Custom House Agents (CHA) in Delhi

Here in this blog we are trying to provide you with a briefing about custom house agents (CHA) in Delhi For Further Details you may go through the below paragraphs.

In this paragraph, if you are looking for a custom customs clearance agent (CHA) in Delhi, please go through the detailed information about custom house agents who cleared the goods related to import and export. A customized house agent (CHA) is responsible for clearing the goods for import and export in India. 

Moreover, the CHA does the transaction of any business related to the arrival and departure of any conveyances or the import and export clearance of goods or baggage at any customs station. Further, the CHA agents in Delhi keep the record of each and every item to be imported or exported.

Moreover, they maintain a detailed account in relation to the clearing of goods. They offer reliable and cost-effective services to global clients at affordable prices. For customs clearance, all the goods are stored in a warehouse. The storage in the warehouse is very costly.

Custom Clearing Services In Delhi

So, the companies avoid any issues in custom clearing in Delhi. Consequently the issues will delay shipping and can cost the entire business. The reputation with the buyers also goes into a tizzy. 

Handling customs by inappropriate agencies or individuals can be very risky. Therefore, it is important to verify the CHAs works for import and export clearance beforehand. So, if you want to have services of a Delhi’s best custom house agents, then choose Falcon 18 services. 

In conclusion, you shouldn’t take risks as your import-export consignments may be costly, and try to choose Delhi’s best custom house agent.

So, if you want to avail of custom house agents (CHA) in Delhi, do not hesitate to contact us by calling us at +91-9717360020 or email at

CHA Agents In Import-Export

CHA Agents In Import-Export

Although, most shippers appoint the CHA agents in import-export for their consignments’ fast and effortless custom clearance in Delhi. Even more, their services are not only limited to the clearing of the import and export shipment. Further, the facility allows for the loading and unloading of import and export clearance shipments from and to the locations. Also, it includes the packing and the measurement of the export-import goods.

Moreover, besides transporting the export goods to the customs station or the import goods from the customs station to the importer’s premises, CHAs do some paper regulation work.
Moreover, different countries have different rules and regulations. On the other hand, while making sure goods arrive smoothly at their destinations, custom house agents (CHAs) help importers and exporters to ensure compliance with various laws and regulations. 

Professional Services of Custom House Agents (CHA)

Finally, don’t hesitate to contact us to have the fastest and most professional services of Custom house agents (CHA) agents in import-export. So, if you need any help from us, do not hesitate to contact us by calling us at +91-9717360020 or email at

Customs Clearing Agent Near Me

For instance, if you find a ‘customs clearing agent near me, ‘ you will have certain benefits

As a result, the delivery costs will be lower, as picking up and delivering the documents will be cheaper. Thus, consider a ‘location near me‘ when choosing service providers. Keeping a custom clearing service provider, the local can reduce risks to your business and enhance the sustainability of your business. Most importantly, Falcon 18 has branches in most major cities in India to provide the best services related to custom clearing agents near me

Custom Brokerage Services Provider In Delhi

On the other hand, we also have an energetic team of well-qualified professionals who provide custom brokerage services in Delhi. Therefore, after obtaining the documents as part of our custom clearance services. Additionally, the services offered by a customs brokerage company include custom notifications and exemptions. In this way, we will be able to avoid delays in customs clearance pricess. As a result, smooth delivery can prevent detention charges, such as heavy demurrage and detentions.

Additionally, we can offer our clients customized solutions that minimize their costs and optimize their cash flow. Specifically and the correct customs duties through our extensive industry knowledge. As soon as we receive the required documents, our clearance team will manage the air-sea customs brokerage services processed for you.

Our Strength

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Custom Clearing Is Our Strength

This paragraph describes our strengths as a CHA in Delhi. Our custom clearing team continuously monitors the movement of consignments/shipments until they arrive and clearance is complete. In addition, we offer customs clearance of goods by sea, air, and road. Further, Falcon is committed to keeping up with the latest customs policies, regulations, and procedures. Moreover, we announce that Falcon has served you since 1989 in the import-export custom clearing.

Points You Need to Know About Our Strengths

Here you will know these points you need to know about our strengths:

  1. Dedicated to providing the best possible customs clearing service for imports/exports.
  2. Providing high-quality legal procedural services.
  3. Understanding of multiple commodities
  4. Implementing a customer-focused management system 
  5. Utilization of IT systems that enabled us to become more compact. 
  6. A strong team of legal advisors.
  7. In-house transportation
  8. Members of WCA Worldwide Family. Id:-103447

To obtain custom clearing services in India, contact us today.+91-9717360020 |

Find A CHA Phone Number in Delhi

If you are trying to find a CHA in Delhi, Falcon 18 will be your best choice for custom clearing. Please find out how we can help you with your customs clearance needs.  Call: +91-9717360020 | Email:

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