Import Export Custom Clearance Agents

As an import-export customs clearance agent, Falcon provides detailed information about international trade. Further, our team also has a good understanding of customs regulations & clearance processes. And we handle the import-export clearance work (CHA) and distribute it by sea, air, and road. We are professionally and effortlessly handling import-export customs clearance in India. However, when the customs procedures are completed, we, as a customs broker, deliver the cargo to the said destination. With attention, we offer our clients customized solutions and adopt the correct classification of CTH. Please contact for fastest imports exports custom clearing brokers services.

Handle Air & Sea Customs Clearance

On the other hand, we are also having an energetic team of well-qualified professionals who handle air & sea customs clearance processes. Thus, after obtaining the documents as part of our customs clearance services. Moreover, custom notifications and exemptions are some of the benefits of custom clearance services. And by doing so, we will avoid delays in customs clearing. Furthermore, you can get smooth delivery to prevent detention charges, such as heavy demurrage, detentions, etc.

Solutions For Import-Export

Additionally, we can offer our clients customized solutions that help them minimize costs and optimize cash flow. Specifically the correct customs duties through our in-depth knowledge of this sector. Sametime, once we receive the required documents, our clearance team will handle the Air-sea customs clearance process for you efficiently.

Furthermore, as a company, we are happy to assist you with air & sea customs clearance services (CHA), Pan India. Contact us, please use the following information: +91-9311595648 or email us at

Handle Both Import Export Customs Clearance Services

Clearing Import and Export Shipments of All Sizes

Indeed, our company Clearing Import and Export shipments of all sizes, large and small. Indeed, we offer the most precise worldwide delivery of goods. Of course, we are one of the most extensive customs clearances among the top 10 companies. Our team ensures that they are familiar with all local rules and regulations. Hence, you can rely on us for the required trade compliance. In short, during the customs clearing process, our business issues are identified. Also, help you arrange your proper paperwork promptly. Thus, those routine formalities are met, and trade flows smoothly.

Of Course, you can contact us for fast import-export customs clearing services for Delhi and all of India. Kindly use the following information to contact us: 

Contact us at +91-9311595648 or email us at

Strong Points about Customs Clearance & Freight Forwarding

In this paragraph, we made strong points about customs clearance & freight forwarding related to imports and exports. To clarify, for you, we continually monitor the progress of export and imports and export customs clearance (CHA). As well as freight booking jobs until the final delivery of the cargo. Particularly, we offer customs clearance of import and export shipments by sea, air, and road. Basically, our company is committed to staying abreast of the latest customs legislation & procedures. Likewise, we are pleased to update you that we have successfully provided services related to import-export custom clearance agents for more than 25 years. Also, read these thirteen points that will help you better understand the process.

Main Points for Customs Clearance Service for Imports

  1. Firstly, we are committed to providing the best possible customs clearance service for imports and exports.
  2. Secondly, we provide high-quality legal procedural services.
  3. Thirdly, Understanding multiple commodities
  4. Similarly, Implementing a customer-focused management system 
  5. In the same vein, Experience in comprehensive import-export documentation.
  6. Likewise, we have implemented robust IT systems that have created a more compact business. 
  7. Subsequently, we utilize the best CRM, EDI, and Desk IVR software to manage operations and sales. 
  8. Although, we have a solid network of legal advisors.
  9. In-house transportation
  10. Specifically, a Leader in International logistics/ freight booking
  11. However, reliable Chinese-Indian Product Sourcing Agent
  12. On the other hand, we deliver professional services in; WPC | FSSAI | BIS | AD Code Registration | Liaison Services | IEC No | Import Export Licenses | P&Q | A&Q | Wildlife | Etc.
  13. Despite that, associates of WCA Worldwide Family. Id:-103447

Above all, please contact us today if you need customs clearance and freight booking services related to air-sea and import-export for Delhi And PAN India.+91-9311595648 |

Sea CUSTOM Clearance SERVICES Provider

Sea LCL/ FCL Customs Clearance Services

Are you interested in sea LCL/ FCA customs clearance services for imports and exports.? Indeed, we are one of India’s leading sea import-export clearance services providers related to LCL/ FCL Cargo. Similarly, we can also handle our clients’ import-export shipments from any port anywhere globally. In addition, we have a comprehensive understanding of the shipping process through sea & air mode shipments. Moreover, we professionally encourage our importers-exporters customers for their customs clearance.

Import Product Sourcing Related to Import-Export

Besides that, we provide the services of import product sourcing related to import-export. Also, it gives the correct pieces of information regarding customs duty & documentation. Most importantly, we provide sea/ air freight updates every week. Besides that, we also take care of legal certification registration with government departments.
Consequently, your goods will arrive at their destinations safely. Of course, since 1992, we have provided customers with high-quality imports and maximized their satisfaction. Meanwhile, we handled work related to departments such as Legal Metrology, BIS, WPC, Wildlife, FSAAI, Textile Committee, P&Q, A&Q, DGFT, GJEPC, etc.

Air Custom Clearance Services Provider

Air Custom Clearance Services Provider

Are you searching for air customs clearance service providers in India? Yes, Falcon has provided air customs clearance services and freight logistics solutions in India for over 25 years. Additionally, all its services are also integrated under one roof. Above all, our staff is well-capable clearing consignments from customs of any size. So, air/ sea/ LCL cargo shipping is delivered safely to its destination within the transit time.

Furthermore, we provide the necessary documentation, including airway bills, invoices, packing lists, and other essential documents. So, monitoring and inspecting air shipments and goods includes everything as part of the air import-export process. Apart from that, we offer D2D services with air consolidation and customs clearance under one roof. Meanwhile, contact us if you are looking for the fastest air cargo customs clearance service provider. Get a quote now at +91-9311595648, or email us:

Falcon - is India's leading online freight booking company.

In other words, Falcon – is India’s leading online freight booking company. We are the best-in-class, cost-effective Air and container freight booking company. Meanwhile, with pride, we can say that we have served this international import-export industry with the support of our customers for many years. Therefore, we have set high standards in every aspect of our cargo freight booking service and continue to do so. We can entirely focus on your core interests with our extensive Air and sea freight industry knowledge.

Have a deadline? No problem! As we update our rates daily on our online website, we can accommodate any deadline. At any time, you may book your shipment’s freight online with us using our website. 

online freight booking
Freight booking online

Meanwhile, with our freight services, we believe people, technology, infrastructure, and expertise all go hand in hand to help businesses succeed. We are therefore offering the right mix of all these factors.

Meanwhile, you can go through the below link to book your FCL container, LCL cargo, and Air shipments online. Moreover, you can get the fastest quotation for import-export customs clearance worldwide. 

Book Your Freight Online
Air-Sea Customs Services Provider

Accordingly, we provide India’s fastest air-sea customs services provider to our international and domestic customers. Most importantly, our company has been providing global value-added logistics solutions in India since 1995 and has a network of high-quality, independent dealers that we can reach out to with ease.
We offer reliable, efficient, and effective air-sea cargo services from and to India. Air-sea cargo clearance from and to India is a reliable, efficient, and effective service we provide. We have a team of highly skilled customs representatives who can help you avoid shipment delays with our extensive global networks.

Our International Services covers

Accordingly, our international services cover freight forwarding, postal shipments, trade facilitation, pre-shipment inspection, and clearance for customs-related activities such as import/export procedures, transport containers, and goods storage.
The company’s services include export, import, transit, and handling charges. In conclusion, we use innovative solutions such as ocean freight optimization, e-commerce solutions related to freight, and virtual warehouses focused on the end customer’s needs.

Product Sourcing Business in International Trade

Our company was founded in 1996 with a vision to provide product sourcing business in international trade, including custom clearance services. Buyers can purchase from leading brands around the world with exceptional quality and unparalleled customer service. Falcon18 offers services for sourcing and implementing global buying strategies, sourcing new products, and building relationships. Our team of negotiators makes it easy for businesses to create new opportunities through our sourcing process based on their current needs or market requirements.

Our mission is to make international business more straightforward. Additionally, we believe that everyone should have access to fair and reputable services that help you in your worldwide operations.

Import and Export Customs Brokerage Services

As a global logistics firm, our services include Import and Export Customs Brokerage Services, Customs Clearance, Import/Export Documentation Processing, and Warehouse and Distribution Management Services. We pride ourselves on our capabilities to help logistics companies worldwide with their business needs. At the same time, we are offering a scalable service for industries such as Aerospace and defense, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Footwear, clothing and & Fashion, chemicals, Food, Machinery, Building, and home furnishing material. With pride, we can say that we are India’s best import-export customs clearance agents

International Customs Clearance Agent Services

Generally, international customs clearance agent services are a single point of contact for international transactions and business services. We provide a hassle-free online platform where delivering your goods overseas can be done in minutes. From our secure website, you can work with your preferred cargo to collect and deliver goods to over 200 countries worldwide. And we’re not just concerned about import-export logistics – we also offer international business consultancy services such as assisting with cross-border trade, tax planning, and more!

Air / Sea Customs Clearance for Import-Export

Our services include international packing, loading or shipping, delivery, and air/ sea customs clearance for import-export. We will also ensure any items you wish to air and sea import are declared following the law. Further, we are an independent company expanding our global client base by providing world-class service with respect. Moreover, have a broad range of expertise, including warehousing, logistics, distribution, international shipping, and customs clearing services. In 2014 I was doing some research for International Business opportunities when I came across the article ‘ Sale on clearance for global agents. After reading about it, I was excited about being able to start my own business based on this idea. So I decided to take a chance and went into it full force!


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