Shipping From USA, America To India Freight

In this paragraph, would you like to safely ship your goods from the USA, America, to India freight? Of course, we will help you book cargo shipping from the USA, and America to India freight related to Import-export by air and sea cargo. Moreover, as an international leader, we deliver air and sea shipments on time related to the American sector. Furthermore, Falcon India is an international ocean and air freight forwarder that handles cargo of any size or weight.

In addition, our team reserves air cargo and container space in advance for customers in difficult situations. Alternatively, other delivery methods are available in bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

24/7 import-export logistics consulting services

Furthermore, we provide our customers with 24*7 import-export logistics consulting services and get their free quotations on time. Additionally, our online portal offers real-time information for tracking air and sea shipments for our clients.

For your import-export queries; shipping from USA, America to India freight, please email us: at or give us a call at +91-9311595648

Container Sea Shipping From Shanghai To Delhi

As important, Falcon India has excellent relationships with major international sea container shipping lines. It includes companies such as Maersk, COSCO, APL, MSC, SCI, NYK, CMA, OOCL, HPL, Safmarine Etc. Therefore, we can negotiate better prices for container sea freight from the United States to India. Due to this, we can deliver your sea container to India on time from the USA, and America. Since 1996, we have also been involved with sea container shipping in the shipping industry. Some of the advantages are as follows:  

  • As part of our services, we also handle LCL consolidations from USA America to India.
  • Due to this access, our American logistics partners are eager to work with us, so we have access to America’s major international seaports. 
  • Additionally, we are members of the WCA family, so we have access to all major seaports in India and worldwide
  • Find best freight rates-charges for sea container, LCL, FCL  

Air Cargo Shipping From USA, America To India

Furthermore, we wanted to let you know we are making special arrangements for you to receive your air cargo shipment from the USA, America, to India freight. Even more, the air team promptly updates you whenever there’s a change in the information. And, it is always on time from the loading airport to the final destination. 

  • Further, we provide a range of international air freight solutions based on the size and weight of the cargo. In addition, you can find online air cargo freight per kg rates from the USA to India. Above all, if you’re seeking cheap shipping freight rates from the USA, America, to India, do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us at +91-9311595648 or by email at
import from america to india shipping

Import from USA America - Custom Clearing

Throughout this paragraph, we take pride in our position as the leading custom clearing agent for sea/air import-export from the United States (USA). In India, we clear import-export customs at most major ports. Even so, we have experience clearing customs of imports across the US for more than 20 years. Our company’s professional team can provide the best import-export documentation.

So finally, if you are looking for a suitable company that can handle your cargo shipping from the USA, America To India freight. Ten, please contact us: at +91-9311595648 or by email at

To Know More About The Shipping Industry In America


The shipping industry in America is one of the largest in the world. It employs over one million people and generates annual revenue of over $1 trillion. The shipping industry has seen a lot of growth over the years and is still expanding rapidly. There are several reasons for this:

  1. America is a very large country with many lands that can be used for shipping.
  2. The United States is a developed country with a high level of economic development. This means a lot of demand for products and services that can be shipped to and from America.
  3. The American economy is relatively stable, making it easier for businesses to invest in shipping projects.


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