Air Cargo Customs Clearance in India

Falcon work as one of the leading air cargo customs clearance in India. In the same way, they have also been in the customs clearance business in India for more than 25 years. So, our air customs clearance department verifies the necessary documents to facilitate a quick clearance. Consequently, all services are available under one roof, our cargo calculations use the correct volumetric weight. Furthermore, Falcon is one of India's top customs cargo agents, handling thousands of shipments monthly. That is to say, the company also complies with all local customs regulations.  To clarify, they ensure that our customers receive their paperwork as well quickly as possible. However, our team also makes sure that all routine formalities are completed without a hitch.

Air Imports and Exports Custom Clearance

As a result, Falcon is able to handle air imports and exports custom clearance for both small and large loads. Therefore, we are able to ensure both custom clearance of your cargo during air imports and exports. Further, our team deliver your cargo safely to its destination. On the other hand, the company make sure that your air imports and exports are delivered on time because of our transportation service. For instance, while importing or exporting air cargo, you will experience more paperwork. In other words, the differences include the cut-off times for tendering a shipment and the delivery options.

Air Cargo Custom Clearing Agents in India

In any case, our company understand that timely delivery is very important. That is why this team offer 24/7 services for air cargo custom clearing agents in India. As well international airports as well. Furthermore, they provide fast and reliable transportation through cooperation with international airlines. Meanwhile, this company facilitates seamless air cargo customs clearance in India. In other words, an air cargo customs clearance agent is a professional in the field of foreign trade. On the one hand, they handle the customs clearance, including documentation, of importation and exportation. For instance, they handle all kinds of merchandise according to regulations and laws.

On-Time Cargo Delivery

Therefore, the company can handle both small and large loads. As a result, Falcon is make sure both the air imports and exports custom clearance of your cargo. In addition, delivered cargo safely to their destinations is our target. Offer a 24*7 tracking system so that, our clients are able to track their cargo 24*7. In summary, Falcon guarantees timely delivery of air imports and quality customer service. We also handle air imports and exports in India.

In conclusion, for getting services for Air Cargo Customs Clearance in India. Please feel free to contact us. +91 9717360020 or email us at

Customs Clearance & Shipping Forwarding Company

Customs Clearance and Freight Forwarding Company

Similarly, the company offer international shipping and forwarding, as well as customs clearance. In addition, Falcon constantly monitoring exports and imports and the jobs of exporters across all relevant ports. Further, as an agency, never compromise on the documentation for customs clearance and freight shipping. 

Thus, Falcon is pleased to announce that we have a freight forwarding company in Delhi, which has the best air and sea freight rates. As such, the team is glad to help you with custom house agents (CHA) services in Delhi.

Nevertheless, Falcon also handle import and export clearances by sea (LCL, FCL), road, and air. Indeed, this company worked since 1995 in logistic field. In particular, our specialize in clearing customs and shipping goods by sea and air.

In short, our services have the following benefits:

  1. Firstly, high-quality legal services providing.
  2. Secondly, having expertise in a wide range of products.
  3. Thirdly, professional in import and export documentation handling.
  4. Fourthly, became more efficient with the use of our strong IT systems.
  5. Mainly, transport is provided by company vehicles.
  6. Likewise, specialized in international freight and logistics. 
  7. Even, leading product sourcing agent in China/India.
  8. Besides, registered members of WCA Worldwide. family. Number: 103447.

On the whole, Falcon capable of providing Air Cargo Customs Clearance in India and forwarding services from Delhi. Call +91-9717360020 or email for more information.

Cargo shipping companies

To Know More

  • Import/Export, cargo mode: Air, sea, and by land.
  • Routine shipment, home consumption (duties paid)
  • Ex-Bond/In-Bond shipment
  • Shipments of DEPB, EPCG, and DFCEC licenses
  • 100% EOU / STPI / SEZ / TP for ship spares / R&D certification / passbook scheme
  • Import clearance for a project
  • Direct deliver perishables and certain cargo
  • Re-import after repairs / exhibition
  • Clearance of third-country exports
  • ATA carnet clearance
  • Second-hand capital goods
  • Free-of-charges shipments
  • Courier clearance
  • Door to door delivery

There are certain certificates that you must obtain from the concerned departments regarding the following items:

  • Registration From Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) (For Food/Edible Import Consignments)
  • Animal Quarantine Certificate (A&Q) Required import in india (For animal, animal parts, animal feed, etc. )
  • Plant and Protection Quarantine Certificate/ import permit plus Fumigation treatment Certificate are required for the import of plant material (For seeds, plant and plant thereof)
  • Drug & Cosmetics Act, 1940, No-objection Certificate (NOC) from Assistant Drug Controller(ADC) (is mandatory for the import of drugs/bulk drugs, etc.)
  • BIS, Bureau of Indian Standards BIS is responsible for the harmonious development of the activities of standardization, marking and quality certification of goods and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto
  • EPR, Extended Producer’s Responsibility With EPR India authorization, the manufacturer / importer of electronic and electrical products has been given the responsibility to control E-waste by the products after expiry of their lifetime.
  • WPC, Wireless Planning & Coordination Imports of radio equipment into India, without prior permission from WPC, will be confiscated by Customs at point of entry.
  • LMPC, Legal Metrology & Packaged Commodity Registration  For import of any pre-packed commodities commodity to distribute or sell Then he need to apply for packer / manufacturer registration

Legal, Standard and Specific Documents Required

  1. Commercial Invoice
  2. Packing list
  3. KYC Documents Required by The CHA for Custom Clearance.
  4. GST (LUT)/ IGST declaration
  5. Export License (If required)
  6. AD Code on (Bank Letter Head)
  7. MSME Certificate (If required)
  8. RCMC/EPC Certificate (If required)
  9. AA (DEEC)/ DFIA/ EPCG/ EOU License For Export Benefits (incentive) (As an option the Exporter may Choose)
  10. Any other Documents required to in this Consignment.

Certificates From The Concerned Departments

In relation to the following items you will need to obtain certain certificates from the concern department, which we have provided you  below :

  1. Registration From Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) (For Food/Edible Import Consignments) (if required)
  2. Plant and Protection Quarantine Certificate/ import permit plus Fumigation treatment Certificate are required for the import of plant material (For seeds, plant and plant thereof) (if required)
  3. Animal Quarantine Certificate (A&Q) Required import in india (For animal, animal parts, animal feed, etc. ) (if required)
  4. CDRUG – ADC Assistant Drug Controller(ADC) (is mandatory for the import of drugs/bulk drugs, etc.) (if required)
  5. SCOMET – Special Chemical organism, material Equipment, Technology.
  6. PSI – Pre Shipments Inspection. (if required)
  7. Certificate of origin.
  8. APEDA – Agriculture and processed food products Export development authority.
  9. FUMIGATION (if required)
  10. WILD LIFE (if required)
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