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So, Falcon is one of the leading custom clearance and forwarding agents in Kolkata. Consequently, it provides detailed and accurate information about customs regulations and procedures. Therefore, our customs clearance specialists handle imports and exports of goods by air, road, and sea. As a result of our many years of experience as customs clearance agents in Kolkata, we are capable of delivering timely service. To clarify, through its role as a customs clearing and forwarding agent. Above all, Falcon ensures that cargo gets to its intended destination. In addition, following customs procedures, that too can be done according to the client’s specifications.

Clearance and Forwarding Services

However, besides clearance and forwarding services, we provide notifications and exemptions from customs clearance. On the other hand, the process is performed by a team of technical experts with experience in custom clearance and forwarding agents in Kolkata. As a result, it won’t affect the timeline. That is to say, as part of our operations in Kolkata. So, we also optimize cash flow and minimize customs duties.

Economical and Efficient Clearing and Forwarding

Therefore, economical and efficient clearing and forwarding services are our aim. Most importantly, we have developed solutions that help our clients save time through our experience managing this industry.

Above all, we are a trustworthy team of customs clearance and forwarding agents in Kolkata capable of handling customs clearance services efficiently. Moreover, Falcon has earned the trust of numerous government agencies because of our professionalism and dedication. Above all, to establish long-term relationships. In other words, it ensures an efficient and smooth cargo delivery process.

Freight Forwarding Company in Kolkata

Similarly, Falcon serves you the best services in the field of clearing and forwarding agents or freight forwarding companies in Kolkata. Meanwhile, our longstanding role as a customs clearance and forwarding agent in Kolkata is that our team is familiar with local regulations and rules. In addition, we have handled all shipments efficiently and accurately as a team.

Likewise, this allows them to help the customers navigate the most difficult trade compliance matters. Moreover, our clients face no obstacles when it comes to customs clearance. In conclusion, besides helping our customers fulfill the day-to-day formalities. Afterward, we can help them organize their paperwork accordingly to ensure business operations run smoothly.

In short, please let us know if you need customs clearance and forwarding agents in Kolkata. Contact us. Our contact information is as follows: +91-9311595648 or email us:

Our Strength

Air and Sea Logistics in India

Customs Clearance & Freight Booking Is Our Strengths

Therefore, our team continuously monitors the movement of exports and imports until they arrive at Amritsar port. In addition, they offer clearance of import and export consignments by sea, air, and road. Furthermore, we are committed to keeping up with the latest customs policies, regulations, and procedures. Moreover, we are pleased to announce that our company has served you for 25 years in the field of sea import export custom clearance. So, these points help you to understand this very easily. To clarify these 13 points, you must know how customs clearance & freight booking are our strengths.  

See Our Strengths step by steps 

Dedicated to providing the best possible customs clearance service for imports/exports.

  1. Providing high-quality legal procedural services.
  2. Understanding of multiple commodities
  3. Implementing a customer-focused management system 
  4. Expertise in comprehensive import-export documentation.
  5. Utilization of IT systems that enabled us to become more compact. 
  6. Utilizing the best CRM, EDI, and Desk IVR software to manage operations and sales. 
  7. A strong team of legal advisors.
  8. In-house transportation
  9. A Leader in International logistics/freight booking. 
  10. Reliable Chinese-Indian Product Sourcing Agent
  11. Professional services for WPCFSSAI | BIS | AD Code Registration | Liaison Services | IEC No | Import Export Licenses | P&Q | A&Q | Wildlife | Etc.
  12. Members of WCA Worldwide Family. Id:-103447

In short, Custom Clearance and Freight Booking services for Kolkata, West Bengal, India, contact us today.+91-9311595648 | cargodeal@falconfreight.comI

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