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We have specialized in providing efficient as well as best international freight rates for over 3 decades. Whether it is FCL, LCL, or air. Additionally to customs clearance, we always make sure to offer our clients the most competitive global freight rates. In particular, they should keep this in mind when inquiring about freight shipping to and from China. Basically, we are able to save money on delivery thanks to the strong ties we have with our Chinese partners. Since we are a member of the WCA family. Falcon has also access to all major ports in India and around the world too. Furthermore, to provide the best global freight rates, we also provide clearance and shipping services from major Indian ports.
In fact, you can call us 24*7 at +91-9717360020 & email: If you are looking for the best international freight rates & customs clearance.

Air & Sea Freight Charges

Moreover, we can utilize the advantages of bulk movements from China with best air & sea freight charges. Because the volume of traffic is very high. As well as, our commitment to delivering quality service too. As a result, providing customers with efficient best international freight rates FCL / LCL / air too. So, our talented team and freight agent network is responsible for such smooth handling.

Economical Global Freight Rate

Hence, Falcon is a trustworthy freight forwarding service provider. In conclusion, our mission is to provide reliable and best international freight rates for the ocean, air, and sea. So, our focus is to provide seamless, cost-effective, efficient, and on-time services to our clients. Besides, our customers get to enjoy the best global freight rate FCL / LCL / air with high-quality service too. For successful operations, the Falcon team relies on the highest quality technology and infrastructure also. Regardless of the mode of transportation our customers choose. Also, we offer competitive rates, which are reasonably low as compared to the market.

customs clearance for international shipping
fcl / lcl / air freight rates

Customs Clearance for International Shipping

So, we can help our customers with all your needs regarding customs clearance for international shipping services. Since our online freight forwarding service, customers can book all your logistics services too. Additionally, you gain access to warehouse facilities and door-to-door delivery services. As a result, the professionals at our company are ready to provide you with the best global freight rates. Also, these freight rates include FCL rates, LCL rates, and air rates. If you are seeking reliable sources also.
In short, please let us know if you are looking for the best international freight rates FCL / LCL / air. So, our contact information is as follows: +91-9717360020 or email us:

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